Southwest Great Dane Rescue (FL)

Southwest Great Dane Rescue (FL)

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To start and speed up the adoption process please read our Fees & Process page then complete and submit the Adoption Application form BEFORE you inquire about this pet, Failure to do so may void your application. Visit our website for our Adoption Application

Who We Are

Since its incorporation in 1998, Southwest Florida Great Dane Rescue has placed over 500 Danes in new homes. Most Danes come into rescue at 18 months of age because they are no longer cute puppies; they are large dogs, expensive to maintain and needing more training and attention than many people are prepared to give. It is important to realize that most Danes are not couch potatoes and need more than a walk around the block twice a day. Great Danes are active, fun-loving dogs that make great companions! Although they are large dogs, their average lifespan is from 8 to 12 years of age. The leading causes of death in Great Danes are heart problems, bloat and cancer. Predominately white Danes are typically deaf and may have eye anomalies including blindness. Potential adopters should be alert to these health problems and the increased costs of medical treatment for dogs the size of Great Danes. We are looking for permanent, loving homes that will last these rescued Great Danes a lifetime. Adoptive owners should be willing to provide appropriate food, medical care and a loving, healthy environment for their adopted Great Dane. Great Danes should be kept as house pets in close companionship with their families; they should never be allowed to run loose or left outdoors unsupervised. All dogs are spayed or neutered before they leave us. If you are interested in adopting one of our Great Danes, please review the steps involved in our adoption process. Fill out our adoption application and submit it for review. Your references will be checked. A home check will be done by one of our volunteers. Possible adoptive Danes will be discussed. An adoption fee of $375. for adult dogs and 500.00 for puppies This fee is used to offset rescue and medical costs. A legal adoption contract will be signed by both parties. We welcome your questions via our email address. Thanks for your interest in Dane Rescue. If you would like to see more pictures of our Danes in action please go to: SWGDR Home Page

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Here you will find our current danes for adoption and links to pictures of Danes that have been adopted from us and are now happy in their forever homes. SWGDR Home Page

Where we are located

Southwest Great Dane Rescue (FL)
Bradenton, FL 34208

Phone: (813) 689-2485
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