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MISSION STATEMENT:  We are the Southeast Border Collie Rescue League of Florida, a private not-for-profit breed rescue organization founded in 1984 and based upon compassion and understanding for the needs of Border Collies.  Our cornerstone is the knowledge that Border Collies are not the breed for everyone.  From that, we have built working relationships with area shelters for breed recognition and the realization that this breed requires a carefully screened home.  We have formed a close bond with several area veterinarians in helping us care for the Border Collies we take into our rescue.  Our adoption process distinguishes itself on the basis of breed education; spay/neuter requirements, health management, training assistance, and our lifetime commitment to all Border Collies under our responsibility.  Although we subscribe to the highest standards of the National Border Collie Association, we are affiliated with no other Border Collie Rescue groups in Florida and distinguish ourselves as the original Border Collie Rescue in the Southeast United States, specifically Florida.  We work in conjunction with other rescue efforts to save this beloved breed. 

PRINCIPLES:  Our Primary focus is to keep pet Border Collies from being bred and to be successful in having breeders take responsibility for their dogs, and join the rescue effort.


-We strive to educate the public in the following areas:


(1) The importance of spaying and neutering all companion animals.

(2) The reality of the pet overpopulation plague.

(3) What it means to be a responsible pet owner.

(4) What it means to share your life and your home with a Border Collie.


-Our foster parents are our most important resource. All Border Collies taken into rescue are housed with our own pets and families.  They are cared for as if they were our own.  We take our time to screen proper homes which will be permanent placements.  We will always be considerate to the foster situation and how stressful it can be on the rescued dog and family.  We will do everything possible to assist the foster parents with their temporary "guest" rescues.


-We will not be overwhelmed by the big picture of breed rescue.  We will save one dog at a time without concern for the number of dogs involved.  We realistically make judgment calls on who we can save and cannot save.  Euthanasia is something that will be considered only to end the pain and suffering of a dog that cannot be made well with the efforts of the veterinarians and the financial aid from the community.  They will not face it alone and will be loved and comforted during whatever time we have with them.


-We treasure the good reputation of our organization and we will strive to show responsible pet ownership by example.  We will not lose sight that we are involved in this to save Border Collies from perishing in shelters, kennels, or in the hands of a wrong owner.  We will always reserve the right to refuse anyone the privilege of adopting a rescued Border Collie.


Strategies:  We will further develop our relationships with surrounding animal shelters, animal related organizations, other reputable rescue groups and with the Border Collie Society of America.  We will increase involvement with public awareness education programs.  We will develop fund raising opportunities consistent with our health care needs for the animals and maintain our reputation of doing breed rescue in the best possible way and to the best interest of the Border Collie.  This is our 31st year of  doing Border Collie Rescue and we have placed 3000 dogs to date and have saved 3200  lives.  We would love your support.

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