Bradford County Animal Shelter and Control

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Who We Are

We are a county funded animal control facility, that offers healthy unwanted animals for adoption or release to approved 501c3 certified rescue organizations, operating under the jurisdiction of the Bradford County Sheriff's Office. We are a member of the Florida Animal Control Association.

Adopting a friend

Must have valid I.D.
Must be 18 years of older
Must have 2 contact phone #'s
Must have fenced yard if adopting bully breed.
Must be willing to sign contract agreeing to sterilization.
Must agree to have pet sterilized within 30 days of adoption, unless veterinarian advises otherwise.
Must have letter of acceptance from landlord if renting or leasing residence, stating that permission is granted for pet to reside on property.
If pet deposit is required by landlord, must show proof of payment.
Must be willing to comitt to the responsibilities of pet ownership.
Remember the adopted pet is the property of the Bradford County Sheriff's Office until proof of sterilization is received. Once proof of sterilization has been received, then the adopting party is the sole owner of the pet.
If adoption does not work out for either the pet or the adoptive owner, pet is to be returned to the Bradford County Animal Control and Shelter.
Bradford County Animal Shelter and Control
606 Edwards Rd.
Starke, FL 32091
Phone: 904-964-9200
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