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C.A.R.E : Cat Crusade Adoption and Rescue Endeavor Cat Crusade places and cares for abandoned cats and kittens from all over the tri-county area. Before placement, the cats are spayed/neutered, tested for FIV, FeLV and administered Rabies and FVRCP vaccines. In addition, if there are any health issues, whether from injury, malnutrition, or other various illnesses or issues, they are treated before being placed for adoption. We provide care, on average, for 50-80 strays per month. We also post online for adoption and provide foster homes for an additional 20-30 cats/kittens per month, which entails feeding, litter, medications, bedding and housing as well as their vet/medical needs. As you can see, this endeavor takes a lot of time and money. That is why your donations mean so much to us, and the cats. With your help we will continue to provide these services to our furry feline friends. We gladly accept monetary donations or food, litter, linens at anytime. Monetary donations may be sent to Cat Crusade, c/o of Suzanne, 757 SE 17th Street, 743, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. Item donations can be delivered or picked up by calling 954-644-9967 to schedule same or by bringing the items to Petsmart at Oakwood Plaza on Saturdays 10 a.m.-2 p.m. or by leaving with management with a tag or label that says for Cat Crusade, c/o Suzanne. Fosters and volunteers are always needed. Some of our kitties are already located at the adoption center at Petsmart on Stirling Road in the Oakwood Plaza. We have more adoptable cats and kittens that are not in the adoption center that are listed on this site. All of our available kitties can also be seen on other various websites such as, Petfinder.com & Petbond.com by going online onto these sites and pulling up our rescue group by name under the shelter groups/adoptable pets section. Adoptions are done Saturdays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Sundays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and every day of the week by appointment. Simply fill out an application and email or fax it to us at 954-765-1227 and we will call you to arrange the adoption immediately. You can also email or call us to schedule an appointment to see any of our cats in the store during off hours. Thank you for your interest in our endeavor, and in our cats and kittens. We appreciate you taking the time to view our site and our many adoptable animals. www.catcrusade.org

Adopting a friend

Do you want to adopt a pet? Well here are a few reasons that pet adoption is the caring choice: Saving Lives Where ever you plan to adopt an animal from you are saving more than one life. Yes every animal; cat, dog, or other species; that is adopted allows room for another animal to be taken in and given a chance at adoption. Adoption is a constant cycle of saving lives through caring and it is the RIGHT thing to do! Advance Knowledge of Animal You know in advance what kind of cat, dog, or other animal you are getting (especially if the cat, dog, or other animal is an adult). When you are looking for that caring pet there are many things to consider, tempermant and interaction ability are just a couple of these things. If you adopt an adult animal such as a cat, or dog; you have the comfort of knowing in advance what their behaviors are, and what may or may not be an issue. If you are looking for a cat or dog that will into your family seemlessly, then adoptng an adult cat or dog is the way you want to go. An instant friend for Life Anyone who has been caring enough to adopt an adult cat or dog will tell you; their bond with the caring friend is as deep and loving as any bond they have. Cats, dogs, or any animal for that matter; that has been uprooted from their life or just not cared for enough in the past wnat nothing more than to please their new caring Hero; You! This desire makes them very caring, affectionate, and loyal friends. Smarter than Buying Most animal that are bought from a pet store come from an animal mill. That is a breeder you's sole purposes is to breed animals for resale to animal stores. This is something that adds to the total of homeless animals every year. Another disadvantage is that these breeders seldom know anything about breeding for tempermant, and often churn out animals that may not be the nicest pets in the beginning if you know nothing about working with animals. To fill out our Prequalifier Form click here Click here to see our Adoption Contract Please click here and print page to bring with you when you visit us.

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C.A.R.E: Cat Crusade Adoption Rescue Endeavor

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
Phone: 954-644-9967

Email: CatCrusade@aol.com
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