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Saving American Black and Tan Coonhounds and Bloodhounds Across America

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Who We Are

The American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue program was organized to help save deserving Coonhounds and Bloodhounds that have been discarded by their owners.

Our dogs are located in foster homes all over the United States, so don't be misled by our mailing address. Who knows? The dog you're looking for might be closer than you think!

If you have any questions about the AB&TC Rescue program please go to the AB&TC Rescue Center and fill out an adoption application


Donations are always needed to save more lives!!

We are constantly getting phone calls from shelters about Coonies and Bloodhounds in need. We save as many as we can, but we need your help! Many special needs or sick Coonhounds cost us hundreds of dollars to get healthy and adoptable. Please donate to help us save more Coonhounds and Bloodhounds in need.

Donations can be mailed to:
Molly Smith ABTCR
#183; 2526 Mount Vernon Rd, STE B
Atlanta, GA 30338


Adopting a friend

To start the process of adopting a Coonhound or Bloodhound from the AB&TC Rescue go to:
AB&TC Adoption Application and fill it out. You will have started the process of adopting a "Forever" friend.

Thank you for considering a rescue dog!

Click here for a list of pets available through the AB&TC Rescue.

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