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Love.  Passion.

Those are the two things that drive us here at the Dixie County Humane Society.  We love animals and the joy they bring to our lives -- and we're passionate about making sure that every homeless animal gets a "furever" family to call their own.  The wagging tails, the purrs, and the smiles are our biggest motivation.

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About Us

Dixie County Humane Society (a 501C Non-Profit Corporation) is a no-kill shelter that was founded in 2006 by Pamela Swanson.  Since its very inception, we have been fully committed to our core belief - every life counts.

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Our Vision
Dixie County Humane Society envisions a day when all animals in our community will be saved, and where each will be provided with a loving environment for their lifetime.


What Drives Us

We're proud to say that since our founding in 2006, we've saved nearly 2000 dogs and cats.  From the mama dog, Simba - and her seven puppies - that we coaxed from under an abandoned house to the terrified-now-happily-adopted little terrier mix whose human companion died of cancer, we are eternally gratified to have been instrumental in saving so many precious lives.

Our labor is driven by love.  It is also driven by urgency.  Regrettably, we reside in a community that is more interested in euthanizing animals than it is in saving them.  In the face of these terrible odds, and in view of the continuing efforts to thwart our efforts, our mission is perpetually challenged.  Nonetheless, our dedication thrives.

It can be said that our work is never done.  We are proud to accept that challenge.

While we're much smaller than many of the urban Humane Societies, we are passionate about helping as many homeless animals as we possibly can.  Every one of our precious companions is treated to a warm, safe place to curl up, a healthy diet, and the veterinary care they so richly deserve.  And yet, our commitment does not end until we can find them what they crave the most - a loving family.  A "furever" home.

You Can Help

Of course, doing all of this takes money!  We survive solely on adoption fees and the generosity of those who donate to our organization. We do not receive funding from any government, any national or local organizations, any other charitable groups, or United Way.

And that's where you come in.

Our small team of volunteers is hard-working, and passionate, but we can't do it alone.  We need your help to keep the tails wagging.

Can you consider a secure, online tax deductible donation?

Even if you don't have room in your home for another animal, we know you have room in your heart.  You can make a huge difference simply by sending us a donation.  We are grateful for each and every dollar that's donated!  All tax deductible donations are used entirely for the benefit of our animals. 



How to Adopt

If you're looking for the newest member of your family, you can begin right here on PetFinder

Want to meet your favorites in person!  Come see us at the Gainesville, FL PetSmart every Saturday between 11 AM and 3:30 PM.  That way, you can get up close and personal with the wet noses and wagging tails who want nothing more to love and be loved.  Want us to bring a particular dog or cat with us?  Just ask!  To arrange a meet and greet, contact Pamela Swanson at 352-542-1081. 

Adoption fees vary depending on the animal. 

Or, you can make arrangements to visit one of your favorites at our Old Town Thrift Store location.  For appointment information, call Pamela at 352-542-1081, or email to

We encourage you to visit us on our website 

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