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ROSIE, IS NOW DOUBLE REGISTERED!. 3yr old 15 hands and full of spunk. She is tri-colored paint with perfectly marked legs and head. She is roaning out to be a beautiful mare. She would make an experienced horse person a great horse as she has no real fear. End of year special adoption fee $1200 with contract. Read her information on her link


Have not taken in any additional horses - funds are slim, so turning away County. Please check back for further information

Update as of November 2010 -

My Opinion, what's yours?

My opinion might not count, but I still believe that any animal owner should be responsible for the care of their pet. Sometimes when a report comes in, the abuse or neglect is so bad that the animal has to be put down. If the owner releases that animal to the County or a rescue, shouldn't they still be responsible for that neglect or abuse? According to law, any owner is responsible for the care of their animal. Does that mean that the care stops when they release the animal? How about the cost that it takes to get that animal back to health? Rescues eat most of the cost, because the animals might not be worth the amount put into them to save their life. My costs well exceed the amount of adoption fees requested.

Maybe all of the above should be taken into consideration when the County accepts an owner release!

What we need - can you provide help?

2 1/2 to 3 inch pipe - to repair paddock areas

Square Hay Bales, peanut hay? Round rolls - Coastal hay?

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I LOVE MY VET you should too!

If you need a vet that is great with your large animals, contact Kanapaha Equine Veterinary Services. You can choose your favorite vet by picking between Dr. Ted Yoho or Dr. Eric Hiers. I use Dr. Eric, but I am sure Dr. Ted would be a great choice for you too! You can reach them direct by calling:

Ted Yoho, DVM (352)665-8223 or Eric Hiers, DVM (352)281-3726

AND, check out their website at :

ALSO, Please, Please, be sure that you vaccinate your horses. You can find vaccines on the web and administer yourself in the muscle of the horse. This will save you money. If you are unsure or have a queasy stomach at giving a shot, please contact your local vet. These shots are more important then you know and a small cost of the prevention will keep the large cost and sadness down if infection should hit. Call your vet today to save your horse tomorrow!

Get the help you need, GELD YOUR STALLION TODAY for FREE!

Check out this new site that offers FREE gelding service for your stallion.

Thousands of horses are born every year as a result of poor breeding techniques and mismanagement of mares and stallions. As a result, equine rescue organizations across the nation have become overwhelmed with unwanted and neglected horses. Our goal is to help control this over-population in the U.S. by reducing the number of unwanted births. By instituting an educational program encouraging the public to geld their stallions and by offering free gelding services to those who could not otherwise afford them, our hope is to initiate a solution to this growing problem. Stallion to Gelding Support is available to anyone in need of our services in most geographical locations. It is our hope, that through these efforts, we will popularize and facilitate gelding support throughout the country and end equine overpopulation.

We have too many "Backyard Breeders" out there that just want to make a quick buck. Did you know that those backyard breeders are helping our cause for neglected and unwanted horses? We cannot fight all of the neglect and starvation, but we can help those to stop the unnecessary breeding that produces so many mixed breed horses. It is time to take a stand, Geld your stallion today for a better life for him tomorrow.

Something New from my Mother...

My mother just opened two of her own websites, please check it out !


Who We Are

My name is Carri-Anne Powell. I started working with horses at age 9. I got into rescue when I visited the SPCA in Miami Florida and spoke with Laurie. (maybe you have seen her on Miami Cops?) She helped me adopt my first rescue horse. That got me hooked on saving more of our hooved friends. If money and space would allow, I would quit my job and stay on the farm helping more and more horses on a daily basis. Until then, I will do my part in helping when I can.

When I moved to Trenton in 1997, I had a dream to build a nice barn and take in unwanted and neglected horses. It is a hard struggle. We have a barn that is nice, but some of the rescues have eaten the wood. My husband and teenage boys completely redid the stalls and paddocks, but need to find the funds to redo the rest of the paddocks with 2 & 1/2 " pipe (When I have extra funds, haha) currently, the paddocks have one row around perimeter and electric between runs. It works! I also have a few stalls that are now in need of repair, the walls! Can someone make a suggestion that would keep me from spending more money repairing these stalls so often and something that will keep my horses from getting hurt. Just had a horse hurt when she put her leg through the tin wall. Guess that type of wall was a mistake! Vet bill was not very much, as Dr. Eric was nice enough to help out with that. He is such a great vet.

I take care of these horses by feeding them twice daily. with help from my children. Without their help, I would not be able to keep going. Thanks to my sons, Justin & Jourdon for helping with the daily feeding and my son Jourdon, who helps with all my fence work. My other son would help if he was home, but he is away at school. Thanks to my husband, Bill who takes care of the hooves of each horse. To my daughter, who keeps us all in check, lol. I love you, my family.
I run this rescue as ME, Carri-Anne Powell & Family DBA Help Save a Horse Rescue.

Adopting a friend

I have an Adoption Application that is required to be competed before adoption will be allowed.

Special Thank You to:

Corrine Knox Equine Dentist!
Without your generous support and discounted fees, I would not be able to pay for so many rescues to have their teeth floated. If they did not have this done - they would not be able to eat correctly & without pain to gain the proper weight. Your horse can have great teeth too. Call Corrine Knox at 386-935-4394Tell her CJ sent you! By the way, Corrine is better and cheaper than your local vet and she travels!!! What better way to say "I love you" to your equine friends?

Thanks again Cookie, your tops!

I want to also send a BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Eric Heirs and Lauria. Without your help and support, I am not sure where my rescues would be.

THANKS AGAIN from my farm to your HEART!

Carri-Anne Powell, DBA Help Save A Horse Rescue

Trenton, FL 32693
Cell: 352-226-1874


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