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Every dog and puppy in our rescue is special and featured. Please visit one of them today. We need foster homes for our dogs and puppies in the worse way. If you have enough love in your heart to foster just one German Shepherd Dog then please contact us. We have a dog or puppy for you. Our animals range from from five months to 13 years and every one of them needs love and support.


We are excited to announce we've purchased a 10-acre mini farm in Dunnellon, FL as the final home for our rescue. There is plenty of room for the dogs and puppies with lots of room to grow.

Who We Are

We are excited! We are changing. Our rescue has decided to be more responsive to the needs of military men and women that love dogs and are returning from their military service with PTSD. One would think after 35-plus years of rescuing we would have it down to a science, unfortunately not. The number and species of animals needing to be rescued seems to be increasing, not decreasing. The German Shepherd Dogs coming to us have issues that are more challenging. The cost to rehabilitate these dogs far exceeds their adoption donations, which is tax deductible, and some people complain bitterly about paying $300 for a dog. All this could disillusion the less resilient. Instead, we decided to transform our program, enter the excitement. This transformation will take several months and we need your help. It is our plan to offer fully trained Therapy Dogs to our military heroes surviving with PTSD. We will match the dog to the heroís personality. In addition, we plan to offer these dogs at no cost to the recipient. Donations are always appreciated though. Why now, you may ask? Because PTSD survivors are growing and not always getting the help they need. One study says there were 247,243 PTSD survivors in 2010 and another study from 2012 says at least 20% of the Afghanistan veterans numbering 2.3 million suffer from PTSD. We need volunteer dog raisers and socializers to be able to offer a maximum number of dogs. Please, please, please come forward and help us with this program. A certified trainer will direct all the training and testing before these dogs leave our rescue. You might also notice if you visit our website, we are rescuing farm animals and adding an exotic. We have already accepted a Cracker horse, a colt, and a donkey, plus several goats. Then because we had goats we found two miniature donkeys, Halle (who is expecting) and Kimmie, as guardians for the goats. The goats hopefully will provide milk for our senior dogs or any pregnant dogs we rescue when the puppies are being weaned. Those puppies might be able to become full Service Dogs for military persons needing them. We are still looking into the feasibility of a Service Dog program using rescue puppies. We will definitely need volunteer puppy raisers when this program becomes a reality. There is no question financing this program is important. There is no assistance or grants from our government to fund programs like this so we have decided to get creative. One venture is raising Alpacas. Our herd will start with six beautiful camelids, Peanut Butter Pie, Roxy, Amelia, GiGi and her cria Bimini, Pooh and Brown Jovi. Watch for pictures of these beauties and cuties. It is our desire to create a park like area where visitors can come and interact with the animals in positive ways. Obviously, the dogs will be put in the house before the goats, miniature donkeys, alpacas and horses come out of their pastures to play. All but two of our goats are very social and we are working with Lucy and Ricky to start trusting humans. Eliot, our youngest goat, loves people and actually acts more like a dog than a goat. The colt, Rebelís Last Stand, is also shy right now as is Rogue, the Cracker horse. Eeyore, the donkey, picks and chooses when he is friendly. The majority of the alpacas love people and are quite social. No, our alpacas do not spit. It is difficult to explain how soothing the alpacas are when you are feeling stressed. Dogs are wonderful, perfect companions and they are very different from alpacas. The alpacas will be shaved once a year and their fleece sold to support them. So you see, we at German Shepherd Rescue of Central Florida are growing in wonderful ways. We hope you will join us. The program has been named for three warriors, Hutch, at one time a full service police dog that was horribly misunderstood and trusted no one when he came to us; Obie Wan, a rescued guard dog that bit me the first time we met. It took a year for Obie to allow anyone but his foster Mom to touch him, and several more years for him to learn to play, and Angel, a dog so dedicated to his human he took a severe knife wound meant for his human Mother. She returned Angelís loyalty by sending him to Animal Control to be destroyed, while she bailed out the man that intended to stab her. All three dogs were noble warriors. They live on in our memories. It is our honor to dedicate this program to them.

Adopting a friend

Adoption policies include and are not limited to: Completing our Adoption Application on our website Providing us with a veterinarian reference. Agreeing to a home study. Having a fenced yard (There are few exceptions). Agree the dog will be an inside companion dog. Signing an adoption agreement. We reserve the right to disapprove any adoption.

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Our dogs and puppies live with families in foster homes Lady Lake, Fl and Dunnellon, FL. Therefore, please call us for the foster home location of any fur baby.
German Shepherd Rescue of Central Florida
Dedicated to finding Loving Forever Homes for German Shepherd Dogs

3845 W. Deltona Blvd.
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Phone: 352-897-5357

Dunnellon is southwest of Ocala, FL.

Email: WeLuvGSDs@gsrflcom

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