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Hi, my name is BANDIT. I am a 10 week old tri-color chihuahua. It is a shock that I am still here and I have to thank my Mom & Dad ,my Vet and jen, the vet teck that took me and cared for me for weeks till I was able to come back home. BUT-- let me start from the beginning--- Sm. Dog Adoption got MY Mom from a show person who could no longer care or house his dogs. That person told her that maybe Mom was pregnant by her 2 lb champ. Well, 2+ months later MY mom had 4 pups. Three of us were ony 1 oz, I was 2 ozs. my rescue mom & dad delivered us. We were rushed to the vet and had to go into oxygen and needed 24 hr care, which was really expensive!!!,,, but rescue mom said do it. Two days later the 3 (2 brothers and sister) died and I was left as the only survivor. Rescue mom and dad were devestated over the deaths, but were thrilled that I made it.They took me home and gave me 24hr care. and over the next few weeks I began to get stronger--- but, it certainly took it's toll on both of them. When I was 6 weeks, I was still under 1 lb. and my system weakened. I was rushed to the Vet again and for 2+ weeks had fluids pumped in me. I had an I.V. put in my jugular (very dangerous) TWICE,plus every other test known to Vets. In the process of inserting the i.v. into my jugular, my veins blew TWICE due to their small size.They almost lost me on more than one occassion, but I I fought back. Because of Dr. Fernandez, Jen (who kept me with her for the 2+ weeks 24/7) and the love my rescue parents gave me-I SURVIVED! I am now 10 weeks old, 1 lb, 3 oz. and need to be attended to constantly. My vet says the next two weeks would be crucial. I need at least 18 hrs sleep a day, and my play time is limited to 15min. periods. My food is placed out for me several times a day, as I can only feed on small amounts at a time. My rescue mom & dad watch me 24/7 and if they have to go to work, our wonderful neighbor/volunteer, Nancy comes over. I'm writing this because I want my story told and beacuse I know my rescue parents need help with the bills. I'm not the only one that had large vet bills, but I was one that survived.Because of my Vet., all the friends that prayed for me, and the overwhelming love and dedication of my rescue parents, I now wish to HOWL OUT my cry to help Sm. Dog Adoption. Their present vet bill for this incident is well over $1800 ---contributions are SOOOOO needed to help in this situation. Over the past several years although desperately needed, they've never " called out for help". Monies needed to care. to shelter, and to attend all needs since its' inception in 2000 has exceeded their credit card limit. The love and purpose of Small Dog Adoption will not dimished due to financial hardships, BUT help is needed!!--- they want to do so much more! If anyone out there can understand what my rescue parents went and are still going through, maybe they can help. Bless you all--- BANDIT and (Small Dog Adoption) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I'm CUDDLES, a 7 year young Maltese. My mom got sick and couldn't take care of me so I went to Small Dog Adoption. My mom told them I was in perfect health-NOT !. Barbara felt my belly was hard and took me to her Vet. After many tests and OVER $550.00 she was told I did not have cushings disease or any other deadly disease, but an enlarged liver--which is NOT life threatening !.. I was put on special food and lots of veggies and vitamins and am feeling much better. I deserve a great life and Barbara and Bob feel that way also. Now the problem... Small Dog Adoption does not get grants or many donations except when they adopt out and that goes right back into the business. They only use their maxed-out credit cards to help they need help. They have special need dogs at home that they are taking card of and IT IS EXPENSIVE ! If you can,,,If you care,,, PLEASE HELP (use pay pal or call us 754-422-1233...954-806-0400) THANX FROM ALL OF US...

Who We Are

>Small Dog Adoption inc. was born five years ago by Barbara and Bob Malina,life-long small dog lovers and advocates of animal rights. We specialize and are exclusively dedicated to the rescue and adoption of "small dogs" in Florida. >Committed to helping our small endearing friends, We have truly recognized our calling! We live to provide all we can give to ensure that our precious friends enjoy the best possible quality of life, regardless of age or condition! >Over the years "Small Dog Adoption" has been maintained through the help of volunteers (our foster parents) who will always remain the back-bone of our existence. Our rescue dogs are never caged, unless they are in immediate danger to themselves or others, but are kept as "FAMILY" in foster homes, where they are evaluated for character, qualities, and best placement for future adoptions. >During this time a visit to the Vet and all necessary treatment is a top priority. The dog is neutered or spayed, groomed and trained as much as possible. From the inception of fostering to the time of adoption, the dog will be LIVING IN LOVE!! >We could never quite come to terms with the realization that dogs in general, are here for such a short period of time. We could never quite understand why so many dogs who give so much unconditional love, companionship, friendship and joy, are abused, abandoned, deprived of food and shelter, medically not taken care of, kept in cages, and basically not given their just attention and time to be loved. They depend solely on their family for their lives---WHAT'S WRONG OUT THERE???? >"Muffin", is our 6 lb. Maltese---One day Bob inadvertantly stepped on her paw---she squeeled, then immediately started to lick his foot, almost in apology for putting her paw under his foot---AMAZING---it brought tears to Bobs eyes! >We can't say enough in praise of dogs, nor put them in high enough esteem to say THANK YOU---WE RECOGNIZE YOU---YOU'RE TRULY LOVED---THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR "YOU"!!! >DONATIONS are our life support for helping with medical care, housing and the general upkeep of our dogs. FOSTER parents are dearly welcomed and much needed ALWAYS!!! > We are here to help you find your forever friend ....Barbara & Bob Malina , >Photos forthcoming >sorry, we do not ship dogs out of state.

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Small Dog Adoption Inc.

Plantation, FL 33324
Phone: 954-806-0400 (Bob)--754-422-1233(Barbara)

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