Li'l Lap Dog Rescue of Central Florida
Li'l Lap Dog Rescue of Central Florida
Li'l Lap Dog Rescue of Central Florida
Davenport, FL 33837 

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Our Featured Pet... MYLO

We are not taking in any dogs at this time. We still have one dog available for adoption.

Adopting a friend

Do you really want a rescue dog? Do you want a dog who may not be housetrained; may have health issues that might be ongoing for some time or maybe for life; a baby who needs lots of love and attention; one who might not be beautiful or perfectly groomed; who might chew up your favorite slippers; and who might take a little time to adjust to your home and friends??? If you can answer "YES" to these questions, a rescue dog just might be exactly what you need. An application to adopt will be emailed to you upon request. This is a commitment. These dogs need stable and loving homes to help them get over any bad memories they may have. Please email your questions, phone calls may not be returned due to the large volume. Appointments must be made to meet the dogs we have in our rescue. The location of the foster family is listed with each dog. Contact the foster to set up an appointment to meet your favorite. We also request that you be willing to drive to pick up your new family member or make arrangements with the foster home to share the drive. We attempt to send these dogs to their new homes as happy and healthy as we are able, but there are no guarantees. The end result is up to you. Donations/fees for adopting are based on each dog and it's needs. Senior dogs and special needs dogs adoption donations are normally $150-$200. Adults range between $200 to $300. Puppies under 2 years are $250 and up.The adoption fee helps cover expenses for the dogs while in the rescue program including the vet check, vaccines, heartworm testing and prevention, fecal, spay/neuter plus other necessary veterinary care and training to get the dog ready for adoption. We may have several people applying for the same dog. We will make our selection based upon which applicant we feel would make the best "forever home" for this particular dog, taking into consideration the dog's temperament and personality. Remember, we are an ALL volunteer organization so please be patient as we process your application. We do NOT do same-day adoptions!



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