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Everyday dogs and cats are abandoned on the streets. With just a little love and attention you can make one of these lost souls into a soulmate for life!

Who We Are

Partners For Pets of South Florida, Inc is a no kill shelter dedicated to rescuing, caring for and finding homes for abandoned and stray dogs and cats. We are a small group of people but we are determined to make a difference to any pets that cross our path. We have been working trying to help the animal over- population problem for over twenty years and we have found good, caring homes for many, many cats and dogs. We never euthanize unless there is a terminal illness and the animal is suffering. Right now, we are not able to take in any pets. We are taking care of what we can comfortably handle aand will need to place pets to be able to take in more. One of the sad realities pf a "care for life" shelter.

We need volunteers in the Pompano area to walk dogs being boarded. If ypu are interested, please contact us at 786 263 1709 for details. Must be 21 pr supervised by an adult 21or older. Partners For Pets is a non-profit, 501c3 organization. Every cent given to us (and then some) goes toward caring for the animals. Vet bills, food bills, medicine, towels, cleaning supplies, comfort items such as dog beds and cat scratching posts, the cost of a new cat house, kennel fees, spaying and neutering, testing. These are just some of the costs that must be covered. No, we do not get any government monies. For some reason people think organizations like ours do, but no, we do not. When you find a pet that needs help, please remember this, whether you turn the pet in to us or to another organization. Even if you can only give a small amount towards these items, it is helpful.

Partners For Pets will list your pet on out site as a courtesy, but we cannot take every pet that needs rehoming. We hope you consider carefully before you try to find your pet another home, the dangers involved. No matter how carefully people are screened, it is always possible they are not the home they make themselves out to be. There are too many pets and not enough homes cannot be emphasized too much!!


we now have a shelter for our dogs but they still need their own home


Now you can create and help our pets! We have come into possession of a few Cricut Cartridges. We have "Jolly Holidays", "Pumpkin Carvings", "Twinkle Toes", "Four Legged Friends". Please call or email for details.

Adopting a friend

For AdoptionApplication go to:
Partners For Pets of South Florida
You must be twenty-one years of age to adopt a dog or cat from Partners For Pets. You must also fill out an application which at this point in time you will have to print out (see link above) and you will need to mail it back. We do not have a shelter so we usually set up a meeting at a Pet Supermarketd or PetSmart so that you can interact with the dog inside air conditioning. We will gladly meet you halfway.

Our adoption fees vary according to how much money we have put into the dog, how old or young the dog is. We do give the vaccinations, including rabies and we test the dogs for heartworm Ehrlichia .


Partners For Pets of South Florida Inc.
850 Ives Dairy Road, # 714
Miami, Florida 33179
Phone: (786) 263 1709
E-mail: Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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