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Criss and Bronze have been at the Daytona Beach Petsmart looking for their Forever homes for a very long time. They are wonderful, sweet, cats and they deserve to be in a comfortable home instead of a cage. If you are looking for a great kitty, please come adopt these wonderful cats.


PAWS-Daytona Beach has moved to North Carolina and is no longer accepting animals. The cats on our adoption list, with the exception of, Bronze and Criss are now in NC and are not available in Florida. Come To the Daytona Beach PETSMART to see lovely cats/kittens available for adoption. Bronze and Criss are at Petsmart and can be seen there every day during regular store hours.

We have set up a RES-Q FUND to care for animals who came in sick, maimed, injured, with congenital defects and negligence cases in need of medical care. Many of these cases require veterinary specialists or intensive care, and these funds will give them a second chance to lead a happy, loving life. We also have a SPAY/NEUTER fund and you can designate your donations for that purpose. Please send all donations to our mailing address: P.O. Box 457, Barberville, FL 32105 and make checks payable to CAT TAIL CORNER. Thank you for your generosity.

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WE NEED HELP We desperately need foster homes. Do you have a guest bedroom or bathroom or other room that gets little use? You could help us out by fostering a cat or two or a litter of kittens or a nursing Mother cat with kittens. The need for foster homes in Volusia County is overwhelming. Irresponsible people discard their un-neutered pets at alarming rates and we are desperately trying to resolve this situation. Our ultimate goal is to have NO MORE HOMELESS PETS. Please help any way that you can. PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS!!! You can also help by having a neighborhood stray spayed or neutered.

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