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Our Featured Pets...Buddy & Cleo


Age: 7 & 6

Gender: Male & Female

Hello Pug Lovers!

Hi, Im Buddy. Im the fawn pug in the picture. Im seven years old but full of vim and vigor! I love people, sitting on the couch, getting a rub and food! If Im not allowed on the couch, I wont complain; I will sit quietly at your feet while you work and I値l follow you wherever you go. I need eye drops twice a day but I値l give you no trouble over them. I need a little reinforcement of my house training. I get along with the dog and cats at my foster home and I知 good with the neighborhood kids. I need to be adopted with Cleo, since we致e been together for a long time.

Im Cleo, the cute little black pug in the photo. Don稚 you love my face? My coat is so smooth and glossy, it glows! I知 six years old but Im lively and curious and I love being with my humans! I had a seizure recently and lost the use of my rear legs for a short time but I知 completely back to normal now, can go up a step into the house with no trouble. Im carrying a little extra weight (what do you expect after puppies) and my foster mom has me on a diet so I can get my girlish figure back.

Im spayed and dewormed and am getting some medicine for a tiny skin problem but take it willingly in pill pockets, yummmmm! I have a vision problem but can find my food and water (my foster mom dipped my foot in it to show me where it was) and can follow my humans to wherever they are, what else does a pug need? I get eye drops twice a day but Im good about them. I get along well with the cats and dog in my foster home and with the neighbor children. I need to be adopted with Buddy; weve been together for many years.

Do you have room in your heart and home for a wonderful pair like us? If so please fill out an adoption application so the folks at CPR can introduce us.


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Who We Are

Compassionate Pug Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit, all volunteer pug rescue organization

Our mission is to provide veterinary care, public education, and a nurturing foster environment for any pug regardless of age or condition until they are healthy and placed in a loving 吐orever home.

CPR works daily with pug owners who, for a variety of reasons, may need to surrender their pug to us. Additionally (and very importantly) we work with area shelters and animal control organizations to rescue pugs in need. We are a completely volunteer-based organization and we rely purely on donations and adoption fees to financially rescue and help all of the South Florida pugs in need.

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A donation of any size helps pay for the necessary veterinary care required by our pug babies. In addition, your donations are tax deductible.

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