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Prancing Paws K 9 Rescue HAS space available and can help you with your canine that you can no longer keep. I specialize in small breeds of any age, with or without special needs, I can take puppies of any breed, but sadly, I am limited with larger breeds depending on their temperament, and a test will be done when you arrive, all we ask is that you bring a leash, collar, food and any medical records you may have, and a minimum donation of at least $5 for a rabies vaccine.You will be signing an owner release form that gives us legal right/custody to own the dog when you are arrive.
Give us a call or Text at 407-692-1420

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Who we are & Our Mission

MISSION; Prancing Paws mission shall be to improve the quality of life of animals and to place them into loving and permanent homes through rescue, extraordinary and compassionate care and humane education. Prancing Paws is a private self funded canine rescue that was established 26 years ago. I specialize in the rehabilitation and adoption of senior small breed canines, with or without special needs. I have been very successful in the placement of these furry kids! I am NOT a non profit organization, I pay out of pocket and I pay taxes on all Vet services, food, medication, etc. However, I am a "Rescue Partner" with Orange County and have had an inspection done on my home, as I do not operate our of a shelter.
VISION; Prancing Paws envisions a community where every pet has a permanent and loving home, every companion animal is vaccinated according to age, on HW/Flea/Parasite prevention, spayed or neutered if approved by our Vet, and all pets are treated with respect and compassion. I saw the great need to rescue dogs that other better-established mainstream groups will not help, and to assist the community when hardship has occurred. Some of our canines are from high kill shelters, or they are simply pets that need new homes because their owners are sick, placed in nursing homes, or their life situation has changed and they are making the loving decision of giving their furry kid a second chance.

INTAKE; Prancing Paws accepts animals that are adoptable or treatable. Intake consideration is based on space and inventory mix. Prancing Paws accepts animals primarily from the local community with additional support to rescue efforts outside our local area when deemed appropriate. Prancing Paws k9 Rescue is also a "Rescue Partner" for Orange County Animal Services
QUALITY OF LIFE; Prancing Paws is a "no-kill" shelter. I will provide a level of care that is consistent with what is found in a loving home environment.
CUSTOMER CARE; Prancing Paws is committed to treating each and every client in a respectful and professional manner in order to ensure that they have a positive experience, making every effort to exceed their expectations.
RETURN; Prancing Paws will make every reasonable effort to accept adoptable or treatable animals back into our program.
FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY; Prancing Paws is committed to managing our financial resources responsibly and diligently by utilizing sound business practices.
EDUCATION; Prancing Paws is committed to keeping current on animal welfare practices and educating the community on responsible pet ownership and animal welfare issues.
PUBLIC RELATIONS; Prancing Paws is committed to creating and maintaining a positive and professional image in our community by acting as a responsible advocate for those animals we represent.
FUTURE GOALS; Prancing Paws is moving in a slightly different direction with future adoptees, I have recently become more aware of the need for Emotional Service Animals, I am currently in the process of providing certification and registry services to the public with NSAR and ESA

ADOPTION; Prancing Paws will make a sincere effort to match each animal with a suitable, loving and permanent home.
We ask that you read the descriptions of all of our available dogs and if there are any that catch your eye, please call or Text. When you arrive you and the canine will meet, I do like the traditional "application process", Im a believer in initial bonding, of course this process can take some time as most of the dogs are excited to meet new people, but if there is a connection, you and the pet will know it, this is a natural way, not a bunch of answers on useless paper. In the time you are playing with the dog, I will ask you a few questions, or we may have already discussed important issues on the phone prior to you coming over. If I believe the dog will be a great lifetime match for you (and your family/existing pets), In many instances the adoptive family may take the dog home the same day. We cannot guarantee that these dogs are fully house-broken, nor can we guarantee that they will not suffer from some form of separation anxiety. Our dogs interact with the other rescues here, they get a lot of attention and a lot of exercise. During the day, they have access to a large fenced yard. So, they will need some adjusting time if you do not have a fenced yard. We strongly recommend crate training and most of our dogs are crate trained. The crate is not cruel - but rather a place of peace, comfort and security where the dog has its own place to eat, play with toys and sleep in peace. We will let you know if a dog suffers from separation anxiety and advise those dogs will probably be best with a home where somebody is there all time :-)
As a courtesy we will on occasion post for a handful of independent rescue representatives by providing them with public exposure for placement assistance.

Click to see our adoptable pets!

Contact Information

CALL/TEXT 407-692-1420 for further information, or email
Monday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm Tuesday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm Wednesday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm Friday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm Sat. & Sunday: 11:00 am. - 5:00 pm