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Redland Rescue, Inc. is a Non Profit, IRS 501(c)3, Doberman Pinscher Rescue Organization. However, we occassionally will take in other working breeds as space permits. We work state wide in Florida with other Doberman Rescues, but primarily cover Dade, Monroe & Broward Counties. We also have foster homes in the Tampa/St. Pete area.

Our Doberman's are evaluated in Foster homes prior to placement. All adoptive homes are provided current medical information along with the Doberman's being fully vaccinated and micro chipped.

We can fax or mail an application to you and upon approval an in home interview will be made with you. No Doberman will be placed in a home without Vet references and an in home visit by one of our members.

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 901616, Homestead, FL 33090

Our Web Address is:

Who We Are

Our founding members come from a retired Doberman show family and the others through existing Doberman rescue groups. It's a great mix of knowing the breed and understanding rescue. We are proud to be a member Doberman Pincher Club of America. We are also proud of standing by our rescue Dobermans. We have a full disclosure policy to adopting homes of any known problems (health and/or temperment). In the event and adoption through us doesn't work out - we do take our Dobermans back, have a refund policy and do honor it!

Adopting a Friend

This breed is not for everyone, especially rescue Dobes in general. If you have never had a Doberman and think this is the breed for you, please research your choice. The worst thing for us in rescue is to have a Dobie returned. It is damaging to their temperment and their stability. The wrong environment or handling will be disasterous to them and the adopting home. Our adoption fees range from $200 to $350, depending on age/health. Because our Dobes are in private homes, we will not allow anyone into our homes without an approved application.

Volunteering and Donations

Our most urgent need right now is for qualified, loving foster homes. Because we do not board our dogs, we are limited in what we can take in. If you have any experience with Doberman's and have room in your heart and home to helps us out, that is the best donation you can give to us.

Money donations are helpful to the "kids", but there's nothing more important to this breed than a foster home for the rescues to relax in prior to their permanent placement. If you are in Dade or Broward County and can help, please email us:

Any and all monetary donation are appreciated. They are fully tax deductable. Gift certificate to Pet Supermarket for food, toys and bedding are also important. We need large crates and bedding for them too!

Come Visit Us!

(We are really South!) Directions from XX east or west: (In Florida, head to the Keys, we're 20 miles North of Key Largo)

Pamela Gray Email:

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