Central Florida Shiba Inu Rescue~Saving shibas in the Southeast US as well as Japan.

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Who We Are:

Central Florida Shiba Inu Rescue is a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to helping Japanese Shiba Inu find their way to forever homes. If you might be interested in becoming a volunteer, please e-mail us at CenFlShibaRescue@aol.com We rescue shibas for the entire state of Florida. We also work to be of assistance in adoptions throughout the SouthEast US. Please contact us if you need help in the SouthEast US. If we cannot help, we will direct you to someone who can. We also have our Head of Rescue Operations in Okinawa, Japan, Linda Cobb. Please write to our e-mail and we will forward to her.

If you have a dog you need to surrender:

Please notify us at CenFlShibaRescue@aol.com or at ShibaInuInfo@aol.com We will do what we can to help you in this situation. Please send us a note before you make a decision to leave a shiba at a shelter. Shibas are not known to do well in shelter situations and it causes them to not make it into shelter adoption programs.

Our dogs:

Our dogs come with a lifetime of behavior and training support! We work with the dogs in our care to give them a better chance for adoption by housing them in a home as opposed to a kennel. This way the dogs are always underfoot and they learn how to interact with a family and we learn what makes them happy. Many of our dogs have never had an indoor life with acceptance, love and training. It is a wonderful experience to watch them grow and become happy, confident dogs while in our care. Our main goal is to be sure the dogs in our care are well matched to their new homes. ****We are available to anyone for training information. Send your questions to ShibaInuInfo@aol.com

Adopting a friend:

When we first hear from you, we will ask you some basic questions. You'll tell us who you are, where you live, what you know and don't know about Japanese Shiba Inu and whether you already have other pets. Central Florida Shiba Inu Rescue carefully screens potential adopters, ensuring that shiba and adoptive family are a good match. Through an indepth screening process, adopters must prove that they will provide quality homes for our fosters. It is one more way we try to be sure we have found the best possible forever home for our dogs.

Mission Statement:

"As rescue volunteers, it is our responsibility to find the BEST possible home for the DOG....not find a great dog for any family."

We hope you can agree to:

*Signing an adoption contract, which basically states that you will agree to treat the dog humanely, observe local ordinances and return the dog to Central Florida Shiba Inu Rescue if you find you cannot keep it for any reason. **Dogs adopted from us are indoor dogs and are not to be left outside unattended, tied up or left outside at night. ***The dogs leaving our rescue will be altered first. This rescue organization has a firm commitment to stop irresponsible breeding of the shiba inu dog. ****If for some unseen reason you lose your shiba, Shiba Rescue must be notified as soon as reasonably possible, so we may use our network to be of assistance in helping the shiba find its way home.
Central Florida Shiba Inu Rescue
Covering Florida and assisting throughout the SouthEast US
Orlando, Florida
Email: CenFlShibaRescue@aol.com
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