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If you need help with your miniature schnauzer, wire fox terrier or irish terrier, please call 407-333-0524 or email We specialize in rehoming schnauzers, wire fox terriers, irish terriers for owners who can no longer keep their dog due to change in circumstances such as a job relocation, divorce, birth of a baby, move to an apartment, move to extended care facility, marriage, job loss or the dog is not the right breed for their lifestyle. We do NOT buy or deal in the selling of dogs acquired from puppymills.


We require a fenced yard, prior miniature schnauzer, wire fox terrier or irish terrier experience, current pets must be spayed/neutered and licensed, excellent vet and grooming references and agree to training and vet care stipulations in the adoption contract. We prefer to place schnauzers and terriers in homes with children over 8 years of age. We are a Florida based organization and prefer to place our rescues within the state of Florida to owners that meet our requirements and whose primary residence is in the state of Florida. We will need to arrange a homestudy for each residence if you own more than one residence. We do not allow our rescues to be placed in a home where an owner leaves their dog(s) or cat(s) in crates OR outside while at work, overnight or for any period of time not supervised by the owner. We do not allow our rescues to live outside. We do NOT allow dog houses, dog condo's or other such structures (e.g., igloo's) to be used outside or in a garage to house a pet either during the day or at night. We do not allow outside kennels or cement floored kennel runs. We want our rescues to be part of a family whether in foster care or in their new home. We evaluate schnauzers or terriers with young children prior to placement. We will make an exception IF a schnauzer or terrier is well socialized and the adopter demonstrates the ability to effectively manage a schnauzer or terrier with children under 8 years.


We do NOT charge an adoption fee. The adopter is responsible for payment of the vet bill paid directly to our vet and the grooming bill paid directly to the groomer. Please recognize the vet bill can be rather costly if the schnauzer or terrier is in poor health at time of rescue. We negotiated fixed vet costs at a significant reduction based on our rescue practices with 3 vet offices in Central Florida and vet offices in Clearwater, Miami, Naples, Wachula, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ft Lauderdale and Wildwood. Younger rescue dogs have the highest cost vet bills due to the poor breeding of schnauzers and wire fox terriers sold in Florida and/or through internet sites. All adoptions are done at our vet offices. We do not transport dogs for adopters. If we are required to transport a dog, the adopter is responsible for gas and tolls. If you release your dog to our rescue group for rehoming, you are responsible for bringing the dog, signed owner release form and their medical records to one of our vet offices. We do not pick up dogs and deliver owner release dogs to rescue. If we are required to transport a owner release dog to rescue, gas,and tolls are paid by the owner and/or the adopter. We provide a Sun Pass report of toll charges and gas receipts. The adopter is responsible for all shipping costs, crate cost, shipping documents, filing fees required to ship a rescue dog outside of Florida.


We never keep or have kept our rescues in crates. We place one rescue per foster home. We transport our personal dogs and rescue dogs in crates in our cars to comply with Florida laws. If a rescue dog is sick and needs to spend time at a vet office they may be in a medical recovery room or quarantine room (with special ventilation) during their stay as deemed appropriate care by the vet.


Our foster homes are carefully selected and are governed by our foster care agreement. Our foster homes are inspected annually along with their vet records. We DO NOT ALLOW HOARDING situations to exist or develop with our foster homes. They must have at least one adult who is at home during the day or work at home, a fenced yard, no more than 2 personal dogs who are spayed/neutered, current on shots, on heartworm/flea/tick preventative and are well socialized and trained and no other pets. The foster home must have excellent vet and grooming references. We place our rescues in foster care after they are vetted (shots are current, spayed/neutered, microchipped, tested and treated for parasites or other medical problems). Certain dogs require specialized treatment and recovery care. They spend their recovery time with one of our specially trained foster homes.


Our fence policy is based on several factors: 1. our insurance policy which covers a wide range of conditions and issues. 2. the wishes of the former owner that are expressed in their owner release contract with our rescue group. We respect the wishes of the former owner if they want their dog placed in a home with a fenced yard. 3. several animal control officers from 5 large county animal control facilities contacted us expressing their concern that we did not have a "no fence" policy. 4. we have accepted screen enclosed patio and pool areas in lieu of a fenced yard. We prefer an electric fence be installed by the Invisible Fence Company (brand) as secondary backup to the enclosed patio and pool area. We do not recommend visiting local dog parks due to diseases prevalent around Florida.


We have never required an adopter take classes with a veterinarian on how to care for a wire fox. We have never heard of a rescue group requiring an adopter take classes with a vet. We may require an adopter enroll in a obedience training class to learn basic commands and manners with a young rescue dog. Our trainers (6 terrier trainers located around Florida) are available to new adopters if they are having a problem with their new family member. Our trainer located in Longwood FL provides several hours of private training with the adopter, the rescue dog and their family members (humans and pets) at no charge.


We do NOT receive funding from national breed clubs nor do we engage in fund raising activities. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DONATIONS OF GOODS, SERVICES or MONETARY DONATIONS.


We are experiencing a high volume of emails and telephone messages left with our answering service. We apologize if you do not receive a timely reply. Please request an application by sending an email to We will discuss available dogs AFTER we receive a completed application returned by email. It typically TAKES 4-8 weeks to process an application, schedule and complete a home visit, verify references and place a dog. We are volunteers and do NOT have the time or resources to answer every telephone call/message or respond to every email. We receive an average of 61 completed applications for each rescue dog listed on petfinder. A rescue may not be available to go home until it completes remedial training or fully recovers from specialized medical care. The recovery period or training period can take up to 12 months. All adoptions are done at our vet offices. WE DO NOT DELIVER OUR DOGS FOR ADOPTION.


We REPRESENT the needs of the rescue dog we are trying to save, rehabilitate and rehome. We do NOT represent the needs of the applicant or the breeder. We find homes for the dogs we rescue. We do not buy dogs for rescue nor do we find dogs for applicants. We reserve the right to make the final decision as to the best home for a rescue dog. Our trainer assists in making the final decision for any of our rescues requiring remedial training. Please call 407-333-0524 for information concerning adoption or release of a dog to rescue.

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