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Heartland Animal Rescue started in 2002, and became a non profit, in 2005.
Heartland Animal Rescue, will only be taking in VERY FEW animals, in 2011. We are taking a little time off, from rescue work, to concentrate on Our own, small poultry business.
Those who need help placing a dog or cat...even though I might not take your animal in, I will still help you, any way I can...in finding your animal a loving, forever home.
We are an 100% no kill rescue, and the animal is here, safe with us, till placement is made.
We reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone we see fit to. Farm animals from Our rescue, are pets / part of the herd...NEVER to be used for food.
Dogs, Cats, and Birds... are to be part of the family.

We are one of the few rescues that offer farm animal rescue. ALL types of animals. ( goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, and what have you. )

Please contact us before taking your animal to the pound! Even if I am full at the time, I would love to try help you find a great forever home, for your animal.

Please contact us, if you are looking to add a new pet to your home. Or, if for some reason, you need to surrender one.

Located in Lake Wales,Florida.

Adopting a friend

PLEASE be aware that this is a rescue out of OUR home. We show Our animals by appointment ONLY!! Please email us at HeartlandRescue@aol.com for more info.

Come Visit Us!

We are in central Florida.1 Hour south of Orlando..1 1/2 Hours east of Tampa..3 Hours north of Miami.

Email: HeartlandRescue@aol.com
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