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Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued animal!  The first step in the process is to complete our adoption application.  We will contact you to discuss the animal best suited to your situation.  Our next step is to check personal and vet references then arrange a home visit.  Please be patient with the process!  It's important that we make sure the animal is the right fit to your home so that they don't get bounced around again and you have a great adoption experience.  Contact us at admin@shywolfsanctuary.com or shywolfsanctuary@aol.com for more information or to request the application.

Who We Are

We are a DBA for Shy Wolf Sanctuary, Education & Experience Center out of Naples, Florida.  We have found through the years that many shelters and individuals mislabel animals as "wolfdogs" or "hybrids" to the animal's misfortune.  Shelters will not adopt out these animals due to unfounded liability concerns...just like "pitts".  

This site was created to post those mislabeled animals, along with the occasional cat, dog or rabbit that find their way to us.  Please visit www.shywolfsanctuary.com if you want to learn more about our other animals and rescue efforts. 

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