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If you are interested in adopting a Bengal or other hybrid from our rescue, please use our website to submit an application. Applications can be found on our website at http://www.ssbcr.com


In addition to the Bengals you see here on Petfinder, we also rescue other hybrids not currently eligible to be shown through Petfinder. You can see a complete listing of available cats on our website as well or on our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/spotsandstripesbengalcatrescue


We ask that anyone interested in adopting a Bengal cat please do a little research, Bengals are not your typical cat.

Who We Are

Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue is the only rescue in the state of Florida that specializes in the Rescue, Rehabilitation & Rehoming of Bengal & Bengal Mixes. We do rescue other hybrids & occasionally other domestics, but our primary focus always has been and always will be Bengals.


We take in a variety of cats from breeders, shelters, owners & the streets. All of our cats are spay/neutered prior to adoption & up to date on the vaccinations we give. 


Our fee's range from $50-$300 depending on several factors.


Come Visit Us

All of our cats are based in foster homes, so appointments to visit are required. You can set up an appointment by sending us an email to ssbctrescue@gmail.com

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