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We are a home based rescue rescue.  We opened our doors in response to discovering that the local county pound didn't accept ferrets.  This was leaving owners that need to find a new home fast with few alternatives.  Navarre Ferret focuses on helping those ferrets that find themselves in county shelters as well as offering a safe place to surrender a ferret to give it time to find a permanent home.  We also work to promote proper husbandry of ferrets and to debunk some of the decades old advise that is still given by some stores even though it is harmful to the ferrets.  We also welcome emails for advise on how to deal with difficult behaviors so the owners can find a way to train the ferret and be able to keep him/her.  EIN #35-2464475

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Being a home based rescue, appointments are needed.  Please email with a phone number to set up a time.

Www.navarreferretrescue. org

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