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It is our mission to provide loving, life-long sanctuary and hospice care to small dogs that are blind, crippled, disabled or terminally ill. Dogs that would not be considered adoptable and that would otherwise be euthanized.
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Those of us that truly love our pets cannot imagine them being anything but cherished in their old age.  Sadly, that is not what we see in rescue.  We see wonderful old dogs, that have been loyal companions for their whole life, being dumped everyday, simply because they are old & the owners don't want to deal with them anymore. What happens to these dogs?  To be honest, most of them die horrible deaths at kill shelters or are dumped on the streets, scared and alone when they need us most.  What a  very sad end for Man's Best Friend.   Imagine a tiny blind senior chihuahua, alone and frightened, and about to die without love or human touch.  Its unthinkable, and yet it happens every day.
Parker is a little chihuahua, and is one of our hospice dogsA lucky few of these dogs - dogs that no one else wants - now have a chance to live out their lives with love, dignity and respect at Elfie's Refuge. run by Barbara Elfie Rodriguez.  Most residents are forever fostered by Barb at Elfie's Refuge and a few are in forever foster homes across the USA.   If you would like to sponsor a certain dog please email Barbara at elfierodriguez@yahoo.com.  If you would like to make a donation through Paypal, please add a message indicating whether you would like your donation to be for Elfie's Refuge as a whole, or provide us with the name of the particular dog you want to sponsor   We appreciate any amount you can afford to give, it all adds up. Thank You So Very Much.
Elfie's Refuge is located in Brooksville, Florida.  None of our dogs is "kenneled".  They live indoors with us as cherished members of our family, and are socialized with family and friends.  We provide rehab and physical therapy, as well as "fat camp" in the event that weigh is an issue in a dog's quality of life.  Elfie's Refuge is a 501c3 charity.  All donations are tax deductible.  

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