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Welcome to Heart to Heart Small Dog Rescue. To touch base with us please email heartBod@yahoo.com.


Adopting A Friend

Please understand that puppies rarely need rescue, so if you're looking for a puppy you might want to visit your local animal shelter.  When we do have a puppy for adoption it is because that pup would have been killed if we did not take it.  

Our application process includes interviews and a home inspection to ensure the environment is safe for the dog.  It usually takes no more than 2 weeks from the time we receive the application for your dog to come home to you.  Our policy is to find the best home for each dog, so we do not have a first come, first served policy.  If the dog you applied for is not a good match for your home, we will knock ourselves out to help you find another that will be a great fit for your lifestyle.  Be assured that we do not misrepresent our dogs...we are absolutely honest when we tell you about the dog, warts & all.  

We do adopt out of state but there will be an additional charge for a health certificate for ground transport.  If you choose to fly the dog home you will be responsible for the cost of the flight, the health certificate, and the airline approved crate.  

Our adoption fee varies depending upon the dog's breed and age.  The range is $100 - $375.  "Fluffy" dogs are on the higher end because we have to pay to get them groomed.  We do offer training support with all our adoptions; just contact us if you need help.  The dogs are nurtured in foster homes and given rudimentary training, and treated for any injuries or illnesses that we are aware of. 

Senior-to senior program:  Dogs 9 years and older and humans 65+ are eligible for reduced adoption fees. 


Who We Are

Heart to Heart Small Dog Rescue is a nationwide organization, comprised of caring foster parents devoted to the dogs.  We are all unpaid volunteers, and 100% of the adoption fees and donations go towards caring for our rescues.  It is our mission to rescue and provide safe haven to as many abused, abandoned and unwanted dogs as we have room for.  These dogs would otherwise die in kill shelters or on the streets or meet any number of horrible ends that befall the unwanted.  We don't discriminate; we take any small dog, regardless of its age or condition.  

Heart gets these dogs vetted as needed.  Some are healthy when they come to us but many are not.  We work hard to bring the dogs to optimum health, often using holistic treatments and remedies.  Studies have proven that the overuse of chemical flea, tick, heart worm preventatives, wormers, and over vaccinating can cause cancer, liver disease, diabetes, seizures, and heart disease as well as other conditions so we treat health conditions by natural means whenever possible.  

Once the dogs are healthy and of a good mental state we start looking for just the right home for each dog.  While in foster care we learn their personalities and temperaments as well as work with them on crate training, house breaking and basic house manners.

Yes, Heart to Heart Small Dog Rescue has a bleeding heart...we take in many dogs that others will not.  We rescue, nurture and place Senior Dogs & Special Needs Dogs, along with the young and healthy.  Here you will find a variety of breeds and ages.  Some dogs may not be listed yet, so if you don't see a dog that grabs you drop us an email at:  heartbod@yahoo.com

Heart to Heart Small Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization; your donations are tax deductible.

Come Visit Us

We do not have an adoption center, we occasionally are able to take some dogs to events which we will post here.  All our dogs are kept in foster homes and are seen by appointment only.  Thanks so much for understanding.

Heart to Heart Rescue's website    http://www.h2hrescue.org

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