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Who We Are

Mission Statement

The SouthEast Beagle Rescue Inc is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding new loving homes for unwanted, abandoned and abused Beagles and Beagle mixed dogs.  We strive to reduce pet overpopulation by spaying/neutering our Beagles prior to adoption.  We shall also be a resource to the community for information on the Beagle breed.  We are an all volunteer and foster based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.


  • To save as many Beagles as possible that are at risk due to abuse or abandonment from being unnecessarily killed.
  • To treat the medical, behavior and social needs of our Beagles to prepare them for the greatest chance of success in being adopted into new loving homes.
  • To assist new adopters and experienced Beagle owners with understanding the special qualities of the Beagle breed.
  • To support the goal of “No More Homeless Pets” by spaying/neutering all of our Beagles prior to adoption and educating the public regarding the problem pet overpopulation.

Vision Statement

  • Our vision is for:A time when there will be “No More Homeless Pets”, when homeless, unwanted animals are no longer being killed in shelters, and when every healthy dog & cat can be guaranteed a good life in a caring home.
  • A time when all companion and outdoor pets are spayed and neutered bringing a halt to the endless cycle of animals being born who end up as a homeless pets at shelters.
  • A time when those looking for a family pet only adopt from a shelter or rescue group instead of buying from pet stores, which are only outlets for puppies produced by the notorious breeding factories known as puppy mills, where female dogs are kept in small cages their entire lives and forced to produce endless litters of babies who are sold to pet stores.

Value Statement

  • Our adoption process will be a great experience for the adopter and they should feel like the heroes they are when they adopt a Beagle.
  • Our Donors, volunteers, veterinarians and businesses that help us save beagles are heroes and they will be reminded of that fact and treated as such.
  • Our process will be focused on working to overcome every obstacle we encounter so the applicant can adopt.  Obstacles encountered should be viewed as opportunities to inform and educate, not to reject.
  • We shall work to find “good” homes for our Beagles not what we deem to be only “great” homes.   While we wait for the “perfect” adopter there are Beagles dying in shelters every day. 
  • We shall be a source of information, assistance and compassion for not only those that have adopted Beagles from us but also Beagle owners in general. 
  • We shall be willing to assist an owner with medical care and/or medication and food so their Beagle can stay where they belong, in their home and the owner is not faced with having to give up or euthanize their pets because it is the least expensive option.

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