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What we do

Orlando dog adoptions. Did you know that every year, millions of dogs and cats are euthanized? Precious sweet lives ended because of over-breeding and lack of education to the public. We know that if every person had the knowledge that ALL puppies in pet stores and the internet came from puppy mills, they would choose to adopt and not buy. It is our hope that one day we will no longer have to rescue and it is people like YOU who can help stop the homeless crises. And, luckily, there are groups like A FOREVER HOME ANIMAL RESCUE who come in and save dogs and cats from certain death, many at a precious young age. This horror is unnecessary and has to stop. A Forever Home Rescue has a foster program and we are in desperate need of foster homes in the Central Florida area. We cannot get animals off of death row without foster families, so please help us! All expenses for the care of the pet will be provided by A Forever Home Animal Rescue. You need only provide love, love and love! Contact Lori at lmasters@cfl.rr.com or call 407-221-1855 for more information on fostering.

Who We Are

Orlando Dog & Cat adoption specialists. With us, you can adopt a dog or adopt a cat. A Forever Home Animal Rescue is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) organization, providing temporary placement of homeless, sick, and abused animals until a responsible adoptive family is found. We are dedicated to helping people understand a pet is an important commitment and is a living, breathing creature who feels fear, loneliness and pain. We promote kindness and respect toward animals, facilitate housing, medical treatment, illness prevention, and consider not just existence, but quality of life. Education is an intricate part of our ongoing efforts and it is our hope and dream that every cage, in every shelter, will eventually be empty. We are a family owned and operated organization, with 15 years’ experience of rescuing, fostering and adopting animals. Through A Forever Home Animal Rescue, Inc. we have expanded our efforts, to reach out and help more animals that need to be rescued and need forever homes. We are a family of animal lovers, who want to make a difference in the lives of pets. Contact: lmasters@cfl.rr.com 407-221-1855 Website: http://www.aforeverhomeanimalrescue.org/ PLEASE HELP US SAVE THESE DEFENSELESS ANIMALS BY FOSTERING OR ADOPTING FROM A SHELTER OR A REPUTABLE RESCUE.

Adopting a friend

A Forever Home Animal Rescue, Inc. will match you up with a perfect animal for your lifestyle. A rescued animal is so loving, loyal and appreciative, They will make your life complete.

Come Visit Us!

Many of our foster guests are staying at our animal boarding facility, COUNTRY MANOR BOARDING in Yalaha, Florida. COUNTRY MANOR BOARDING is a not for profit boarding kennel and adoption center. 100% of proceeds go to helping animals in need. Please visit the website at www.countrymanorboarding.com for more information about our beautiful facility. Contact us and we will arrange for you to meet your perfect pet! Email: lmasters@cfl.rr.com. Phone number 407-221-1855.
A Forever Home Animal Rescue, Inc
CR 561
Tavares, FL 32778
Phone: 407-221-1855
Email: lmasters@cfl.rr.com
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