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Yoda and Obie


Our featured pets, Yoda and his beloved brother Obie are two handsome tabbies who are absolute lovebugs! They know no strangers! Every lap is a potential seat! This bonded pair is hoping to find a home together.


At the moment, the Merrietta Virden Animal Foundation is at full capacity and is unable to accept new residents at the shelter.

Who We Are

Named in memory of Merrietta Robbins Virden, a Lewes native, The Merrietta Virden Animal Foundation is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization [IRS ID# 31115] created to help address the overpopulation problem and plight of homeless animals. In addition to providing care for homeless and abandoned animals, The Virden Foundationís focus is the funding, construction, operation and maintenance of a no-kill animal shelter.

The Foundation also conducts public education programs addressing the ethical and humane treatment of animals, advocacy programs which promote anti-cruelty legislation and other public service programs.

The Foundation currently operates four programs:

1} a feral colony maintenance program within the city limits of Lewes,

2} a no-kill foster care program which, insofar as space permits, provides shelter and veterinary care to feral and abandoned cats while re-domesticating same for placement in permanent homes,

3} a companion animal adoption program and

4} an advisory program providing assistance to other animal advocacy groups, agencies & governmental bodies desirous of establishing no-kill programs.

Unlike some organizations, two significant difference which should be noted are:

[1] because all directors, program supervisors and caregivers are volunteers 100% of the funding received is committed to the sheltering, medical care, and feeding of the animals; and

[2] all animals in the Foundationís care receive a physical examination upon arrival, are tested for FeLV and FIV, receive their rabies inoculation, are spayed / neutered and, receive ongoing veterinary care as required.

Rather than implementing inhumane feeding bans which result in starvation, trap / euthanize programs which are proven to be ineffective or dependence upon one large centralized animal care facility which may not be convenient and accessible to the general public, the Foundation encourages other animal advocacy groups and municipalities to embrace a proactive philosophy and address the problem locally on a smaller, more manageable, cost efficient and humane scale through the development of public-private partnerships.

To volunteer, for further information on our programs or if you are interested in pursuing this type of program in your community you may contact us at the address and e-mail listed below.

All living things speak a language children understand

Adopting a friend

All prospective companions must complete an adoption form.

Upon completion a 72 hr. waiting period is required while information is verified.

A minimum of 2 follow-up visits are mandatory.

Although there are no fixed adoption fees, the Foundation appreciates a donation in the amount of $70 to defray the cost of veterinary examination, spay/neutering, and innoculations all of which are pre-requisites to adoption.

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The Merrietta Virden Animal Foundation
P. O. Box 653
Lewes, DE 19958
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