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Steve and Neal have a pretty sad story. They were born outside to a stray cat but brought inside by a very nice lady who was hoping to find them a foster home to take them in. The foster home did not work out, so she was forced to have to keep them in a cage due to running a dog rescue. She took great care of them, seeing they were well fed, neutered, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and tested for feline leukemia and FIV, but was unable to ever let them out of the dog kennel in fear her dogs would harm them! Poor boys were in this cage for all of their 8 months until one of our awesome foster homes had an opening and agreed to take them in. Boy are they having a blast now, running and playing like crazy!!! Steve is the tabby and is very handsome but is still very shy and not as outgoing as his brother Neal (black male) who loves to be loved and have his belly rubbed. We are hoping Steve will see how great that can be and will be just as lovable in time. We would really like for them to stay together since they have been all their lives and are very good together. Would you consider giving these boys a chance at a LIFETIME home, cage FREE?? Don't think you will be disappointed!! **NOTE FROM FOSTERS* These two boys are a complete package! They're charming, handsome, and full of that brotherly love! Neil (the black kitty) is super chill and relaxed. He also loves licking your hand while he sits on your lap, and makes it his priority to follow you around all day if he isn't sleeping. Steve (aka DiscoSteve, Beefy, Beepy) will literally melt your heart with his big owl-like face. He's your quintessential dopey little (but bigger) brother who follows Neil around wherever he goes. Both boys are great with other cats, but unknown how they do with dogs, and would make a great addition to your home!


Wonderful news!
2016 ended off on a very good note! Beautiful Luna and Piper found their forever home and are adjusting very well and are quite happy. So very happy for some stabilty finally!

Also great news-2 FIV cats were adopted -Guns and Cool Boy- and everyone is very happy. Thank you Gail and Peter for taking the chance and not being scared to give these sweet,sweet babies a try and a new great life!

FINALLY! It seemed to take forever but Carrie and Maury finally found their forever home and what a wonderful home it is-they are SO HAPPY there and their new people love them so much! Guess good things do come if you are patient! YEAH!!!

A wonderful couple agreed to foster Julian for the next few months until he can be retested for feline luekemia. We are hoping and praying he retests negative like his mom (Stephie) and his sister (Jada) because he is so very sweet and deserves to live a long, happy, healthy life! *UPDATE* Julian did test negative and the foster are going to keep him!!!

Miracles do happen! We are so please to announced that Pablo, one of our special needs cats, who has feline aids (FIV), has been adopted and is loving his new place! A lot of people are afraid to adopt a FIV cat, thinking they might get aids or that the cat will be sickly or not live long but that is NOT the case. FIV cats can live as llong as any other cat and can not give a human or dog aids. They can only give another cat aids if they are agressive and bites them and all of our FIV are the sweetest cats ever and we wish more people when take a chance with them-they won't be disappointed!

We are pleased to announce that as of November 2010, we are now a 501(c)3 charity organization which means that all donations are tax-deductible!

Who We Are

Castaway Cats rescues stray/abandon cats and kittens. These cats/kittens are brought in, spayed/neutered, tested for Feline Leukemia and Aids and vaccinated with the FVCRP and rabies shots, de-wormed and de-fleaed. Some are micro-chipped.

Each one of these cats has a heart-breaking story of how they were once cherished owned pets who were "castaway" like garbage! Some are offspring's of feral(wild) cats who have been given a chance to live in a warm, loving home instead of on the streets desperate to survive.

Not all, but some of these cats/kittens need extra TLC since they were castaway or never experienced a loving hand. They need patient, caring owners to show them that not all people are bad and they can now live their lives out in a stable, permanent home.

Are you one of these special people who is willing to adopt one of these poor souls - YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! They will reward you with much appreciation and unconditional love.

Adopting a friend

When adopting a cat or kitten from Castway Cats, you will be asked a series of questions including your name, address, phone number and a vet that you use or have used in the past.

Someone who has never owned a cat before may not be the best candidate for a "castaway" cat since they require some knowledge about cats traits and how they may re-act to different situations.

You will be required to sign an adoption agreement stating that you will provide proper care for the cat/kitten for its entire life which can be up to 15-20 years.! Follow-up phone calls and/or home visits may also be required. There is a usually a $85.00 adoption fee which includes 2 FVRCP shots, 2 wormings, Revolution (for fleas, earmites and worms), feline leukemia and FIV test and the cost for spaying or neutering. We do offer discounts for older cats or if you take 2!>

Come Visit Us!

If you are interesting in any of these cats or would like further information about them or Castaway Cats, please e-mail me at or call me at (302)325-2081 or visit our website at . We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and/or provide directions to come and see the cats personally.

Castaway Cats

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