Dumpster Cats Rescue League/Kitten Placement

P. O. Box 219 Kirkwood, DE 19708 (302) 834-2859

Our Pet List

Who We Are

Born by dumpsters or thrown away into them, stray cats and kittens are everywhere, trying to survive alone in the world. "Dumpster Cats Rescue League" is an all volunteer group working to find homes for stray cats and kittens, and to raise funds to spay and neuter homeless felines. click here for an updated list of our kittens who desperately need a loving home!

Adopting A Cat

There are many dedicated people trying to help by taking in homeless kittens and by spaying stray cats. Their success relies on their ability to keep finding good homes. We work with people who are constantly rescuing kittens and cats, and unfortunately, strays seem to always be available. They make wonderful pets and lifelong companions; all they need is someone to love them. E-mail Gail Price or call her at (302) 834-2859 and she will match you up with the perfect kitty for you to adopt!

Get In Touch With Us

  • Organization: Dumpster Cats Rescue League/Kitten Placement Service
  • Contact: Gail Price
  • Telephone: 302-834-2859
  • E-mail: dumpstrcat@aol.com
  • Website: Dumpster Cats

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