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COME TO Westie Rescue Mid-Atlantic to find out about how to adopt a sweet, happy Westie needing someone to hug, play, and walk with her or him.

NOTE: ALL DOGS ARE PLACED FROM ADOPTION APPLICATIONS ON FILE. Applicants are not contacted about specific dogs until an application is completed.

Two other rescues also have Westies needing homes. Use these links to find their dogs...


The QUICKEST WAY to QUALIFY to ADOPT a Westie from any Westie Rescue program in the USA is by going directly to the Web site of the individual rescue group and completing their adoption application. NOTE: You CANNOT qualify to adopt without completing an online adoption application.

If the group does not have a Web site of its own, you can go to Westie Rescue USA to fill out an Adoption Application so you can be considered for these wonderful little dogs.

**For Adoptions in Other Regions: You must fill out the ADOPTION APPLICATION on the Westie Rescue USA web site because many Westies are adopted (before they can be posted here) by people who have ALREADY completed the application process.

Your application will be sent to the region where you reside so Westie Rescue individuals and organizations in your area will be aware of your desire to adopt a dog.


For the latest rescue news and events, go to the Westie Rescue Internet site!

What We Do

Westie Rescue USA will list dogs needing new homes for recognized rescue individuals/groups who do not have Internet access or, for any reason, are unable to post news about rescued dogs.

If you know of a Westie, Westie mix, or a dog that possibly looks like a Westie (esp. a dog with "special needs" such as behavior or medical problems) who needs a new home, please contact us on their behalf by filling out the "Dog in Trouble Report" form on our Web site. (Only for use when dogs need help...not for adoption information). Please provide a means of reaching the person or shelter with the Westie such as a phone number.

Who We Are

Westie Rescue USA is not a organization but a service for assisting separate Westie rescue groups and individuals across the US and Canada who work together to save the lives of homeless, neglected, abused, or other needy West Highland White Terriers.

Groups or individuals who would like a Westie from their rescue program listed here, please contact our webmaster, via email at Westie Rescue USA (This email is ONLY to help to rescue individuals and groups -- please, NO adoption inquiries).

Westie Rescue USA is always ready to help any Westie in need, Westie owner, or Westie rescue.

Adopting a friend

Check the "Pet List" to see Westies or "Westie-Wannabees" waiting to be adopted. Each dog listed will specify contact information for the individual/group sponsoring the Westie or allow you contact the sponsors through Westie USA.

If there is a dog listed on this site, please contact the Rescue which has the dog, NOT Westie USA.

We will list a way to contact the specific Rescue group within the description of the dog. So, go to the list of pets available and click on the dog's name. In the description there will be an email address or phone number for you to use in contacting the Rescue fostering the dog.

If there are no dogs listed on this site and you are interested in adopting a Westie, you can still submit an adoption application for future dogs who will be rescued by going to the Westie USA web site (click on "Westie Adoption Application Form" on the left side of the page). Once you fill out the online application and hit "submit" it will be forwarded to the Rescue individual or group in your area.

Thank you so much for considering adoption of a homeless dog!

Come Visit Us!

You can visit Westie Rescue USA on the Internet at www.WestieRescue.com.

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