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NO Cats Available From Us In CT
But Two Are Available In (Upstate) New York

Though we are serving more, these days, as a supportive resource for other rescuers, Little Cat Feats may from time to time foster a cat or two -- as we are now.

Lewis and Martin could have been returned to the farm they were wandering off of when we found them, but the farmer seemed really disinterested in them or their well-being.

We'd taken them in for their own safety after we'd stopped, late one night, to try herding two donkies back into a safe place, away from the roadside where they were grazing after breaching their pasture's fence.

As we moved the donkies toward the barn, the kittens came running toward us and, as we tried leaving without them, they ran right into the road. There was no way to make them safe at this farm, so we took them to our place down the road and phoned a message to the absent farmer, advising him where they were. He couldn't have seemed less concerned when we spoke with him the next day. So, with us the kittens have stayed!

As in the past, we have rescue friends who are taking in and adopting out cats and kittens out in Fairfield and New Haven Counties. If you'd like some ideas on finding a pet there, don't hesitate to ask us. We may be able to help... as we surely can in several Upstate New York communities (near where we're based).
When opportunities present themselves, we also try to help people get matched up with just the kind of dog they are looking for. Right now, we know of a number of mid-size breed puppies in the soon-to-be-available stage, as well as a super-friendly white pitbull who will, if you give her a chance to do so, chase a ball until you're tired of throwing it.


Like everywhere else, our area is being inundated with kittens right now. The shelters are, of course, getting in as many or more than they can handle, and lots and lots of other little 'uns are being offered via "free kitten" ads to be found in every newspaper around these parts.
If you're not finding what you want where you are, maybe you'd want to take a drive up here. Check a paper or two first...
The Daily Gazette
... for starters, then come on up!

Whereever you get your new family member, please make sure you have it spayed or neutered. And do consider selecting an older one (rather than a kitten). The older ones very often make much better pets from Day One in your home. Post-kitten kitties are much easier to take care of, too -- and they're less prone to sicknesses that seem to delight in attacking the youngest, most-vulnerable members of a specie.

If you think we can help you locate a needy cat, please don't hesitate to e-mail us... at We always know of some good ones.

And if we can't help you, please do rescue a cat or dog from someone else involved in rescue. The need for them to move animals into good homes quickly is more critical than ever, since there are so many animals seeking homes and so few rescuers to help prepare them for lives as family pets.

Who We Are

This cat rescue organization, once based in Milford, CT, is now located in and calls Central New York home. We're about half way between Albany and Utica NY -- about halfway between the NY Thruway (I-90) and I-88 -- on a 12.5-acre 'spread' able to accomodate an ample accumulation of cats who, in their wisdom, will accept human-provided food and shelter, but aren't interested in having a social relationship with us.

It will be some time before we're ready to invite any such 'hard strays' or ferals to take up residence here. First, we have to get shelters in place and have arrangements in hand for their feeding and vet needs.

Doing those things requires time, money and volunteers -- and we are using the first of those to find the third, anticipating the vols will help us secure our most-important need: funding.

As well as supporting our sanctuary, funds our tax-deductible charity raises will also be used to address our long-time goal of finding good, long-term foster homes for older cats. We know that by placing such cats with older people -- many of whom would absolutely love to share space and time with similarly-set-in-their-ways elderly people -- we'll be keeping both the cats and the seniors alive longer.

If you are having a hard time finding just the cat you're seeking, send us a note or give us a call. We always know of nice cats who are available for adoption. One of them may be destined to join your family!

You can reach us via e-mail at, and by phone at 518-922-8852.

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