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Do I need to apply?

Yes, we want to make sure we match the right dogs to the right families. We care and nurture for these animals in our homes and want to make sure their forever homes are truly forever.

What is the adoption fee?

Fees vary.  The adoption fee includes $150.00 transportation fee plus costs of vetting and caring for foster animals while in our care. All of our dogs are altered (spayed/neutered), have had all shots (age appropriate in the case of puppies) including Bordetella (kennel cough), rabies, and the distemper/parvo series. Dogs  have been heart worm screened and are heart worm negative, have had a clear fecal exam and are up to date on Frontline and Heartgard. This adoption fee covers any other medical treatments the dog may have had while in our care. You will receive copies of all vet records, rabies certification, and tags. The adoption fee also covers all transport and health certificate costs we incur. Dogs travel north on USDA inspected humane, healthy, and sanitary professional transports. Connecticut has a new law that requires multiple vetting of animals transported into the sate. We fully vet our dogs before they enter Connecticut then again in Connecticut to abide by the new laws. 

Why is there an adoption fee?

The adoption fee is not a purchase or sale price and is not refundable.

There are multiple costs involved in running a dog rescue. The dogs are fully vetted in Tennessee, quarantined, then transported to Connecticut. Additional costs are incurred after the dog reaches Connecticut, such as additional veterinary care, training, transportation and boarding fees. In some cases, these costs will exceed the adoption fee received for a particular dog. We do not raise the adoption fee in these cases. Other costs include advertising events, transportation, maintaining the website, post office box, state filing fees and insurance. All of these costs are paid by the collection of adoption fees with shortfall met through donations, grants and gifts from our volunteers.


Who We Are

Emily's Friends Rescue Group  is a 501c3, registered non-profit organization, dedicated to rescuing homeless companion animals. We particularly try and take in dogs from high-kill shelters, assist owners who can no longer care for their animals as well as animals in abusive or neglectful situations.

All animals are  spayed or neutered and brought up-to-date on shots before being placed in their new homes. We support and promote spaying and neutering of all cats and dogs to help control the pet overpopulation and promote education of the public about responsible pet ownership.

Working with loyal volunteers, foster homes, local veterinarians, trainers, and boarding facilities, we are able to rescue hundreds of animals each year. We provide them with food, nurture,  love and medical attention while they are in our temporary care.  We then find them well-matched, carefully screened forever homes.

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