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!!!!Attention Hamden Residents!!!!

Hamden is one of the few towns in the state that has two animal control officers but no animal shelter to house stray cats and dogs. It is simply a disgrace. There is a plan to build a shelter but it is stalled and no one is doing anything about it. Please, call Hamden Mayor Jackson's office (203)287-7100) and let him know we need that shelter built A.S.A.P. .

Who We Are

Founded in 1983, we are a network of volunteers who rescue homeless cats and kittens. Each animal is neutered or spayed, vaccinated, tested for FeLV / FIV, and given any medical attention they require . They are then put up for adoption. We rely entirely on donations to perform this work. We do not have a shelter building but care for the animals in our homes so we are only able to care for a few animals at a time. We are a registered non-profit organization. Any donations are greatly appreciated and can be sent to Abandoned Animals Inc. 82 Woods Rd. Bethany, CT 06524. Checks payable to Abandoned Animals Inc. Thank you

If You Are Feeding A Stray Cat

It 's important to get the stray neutered or spayed, otherwise, more homeless kittens will be born and soon the situation will be out of control. A stray cat can be neutered/spayed and then, after a short recovery period of a day or two, be released back to where she/he was found. This is humane and responsible.

If You Need A Havaheart Trap

If you need to trap a stray cat, please contact your local animal control officer, or TEAM Mobile Vet clinic at 1-888-367-8326. Abandoned Animals no longer loans out traps. You can also find instructions on the Internet for building a "drop" trap which is a very effective/humane way to catch strays. http://droptrapdesign.blogspot.com/2005/10/build-your-own.html

To Adopt A Cat or Kitten From Abandoned Animals

If you are interested in adopting one of our cats or kittens, please email Laurieo30@aol.com for more information. Thank you!!
Abandoned Animals
Bethany Email: laurieo30@aol.com
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