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Tax Deductable donations can be made payable to the Town of Stratford and mailed to:

Stratford Animal Control
225 Beacon Point Road
Stratford, CT 06614

All monetary donations will be used to improve shelter conditions and promote humane welfare for animals. In addition to monetary donations the shelter can also use the following items:

Animal Food

Paper Towels

Blankets & Towels

Cat Litter

Animal Toys


Adopting A Friend

***If an animal at our facility is listed on Petfinder, then they are still available for adoption. Please do not e-mail inquiring if available.***

To adopt a pet you must fill out an application and be approved. Home ownership or landlord approval required. All members in a household must meet the pet and agree to the adoption. The fee is $5.00 to adopt pets. Most of these animals have been spayed/neutered, tested for disease and vaccinated. These services have been paid for by donations and additional donations to help off-set these costs are appreciated. All other pets will be adopted through the State of Connecticut Animal Population Control Program. The fee is $50.00 and this entitles the adopter to 2 free vaccines, and a discount voucher off the cost of spay/neuter.  In general, the price for the balance of the spay/neuter ranges from $100-200 and is due upon receipt of the animal at the veterinarian office. There is an additional $10.00 fee for microchipping.


Stratford Animal Control makes a substantial effort to assure that adoptable animals are in good health. It is possible, however, that undetectable illnesses or conditions may be present or incubating at the time of adoption. Animals available for adoption have an unknown history, therefore, Animal Control does not make any guarantee as to age, behavior, breed, health, temperament or ultimate size of any animal.



Who We Are


Stratford Animal Control is a Division of the Stratford Police Department that enforces all State Laws and Town Ordinance related to animals. It is the responsibility of the Animal Control Division to aid injured animals, investigate roaming dogs, animal bites, cruelty to animals, barking nuisance, unreasonable tethering or confining of a dog, town defecation ordinance, leash law, valid rabies vaccination, dog licensure and rabies related wildlife complaints that present an eminent danger to the public. It is the goal of the Animal Control Division to educate the public on humane animal care and to place impounded animals into qualified homes. 

Stratford Animal Control works with the Stratford Animal Rescue Society to facilitate and expedite adoptions of homeless animals into homes. In addition, together, we raise funds through private donations and public fundraisers to provide food and medical care for animals impounded at the Stratford Animal Control Facility.



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225 Beacon Point Road

Stratford, CT 06615


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