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239 Maple Hill Avenue, Newington, CT 06111
(860) 666-4646 Fax. (860) 666-1566
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Connecticut Save A Pup, founded in 1991, was originally established to address the pet overpopulation problem in Hartford. Annually, there are over 1200 unclaimed dogs in the Hartford Dog Pound. The pound population consists of dogs abandoned on the streets, dogs removed from abusive homes, and those who go unclaimed by their owners after impoundment.

In 2003, CT Save A Pup expanded their rescue to owner surrenders, as there is an ever growing need for these dogs as well. Our efforts to include owner surrenders will hopefully bring us closer to preventing these animals from being turned out into the streets and into the hands of local pounds.

CT Save A Pup is a non-profit 501c3 organization funding itself soley on donations made by the pubilc. These funds are used to help vaccinate, spay, neuter, treat medical illnesses on all of our rescue dogs. Our staff are very dedicated to finding the perfect homes for our dogs. We look from the perspective of each and every dog we take in to make that forever home a reality. Please visit our website to find out who we are and how we may help you find or place an animal who deserves a better life!

If you are intrested in adopting one of the dogs pictured above or donating funds to help the dogs, please call us at (860)666-4646 or email us.

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