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FeralCare, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding cats and communities through low-cost spay/neuter programs and informative outreach via the Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic. FeralCare, Inc. was formed in 2006 in response to the growth of the homeless and feral cat population throughout Connecticut. This population explosion has resulted in the malnutrition and death of countless animals, as well as, a dramatic increase in the number of cats and kittens requiring care and, in some cases, adoption. The Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic was created to offer low-cost spay/neuter services to pet owners of both cats and dogs, and to individuals concerned about feral colonies.


ADOPTION EVENTS TO BE ANNOUNCED!!! If you have considered adopting a cat, please come and meet the "Homeward Bound", friendly felines of FeralCare, Inc. seeking forever homes, at one of our next CAT ADOPTION EVENTS: TBA at the NUTMEG SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC, 25 CHARLES STREET, STRATFORD, CT 06615. Please e-mail info@nutmegclinic.org to obtain an Adoption Questionnaire/Application prior to adoption events. If you cannot make one of our adoption events, please send us an e-mail message to info@nutmegclinic.org or call us at 203-690-1550 so we can arrange an appointment to meet our foster kitties at another time. *****Check Back For More Upcoming Adoption Events!!


KITTIES: "Beautiful" Blaze; Family Members - Salina, Wyatt, and Jules; and more... These wonderful kitties are all looking for their forever home(s). Visit their individual pages to view their bios and photos. Please email info@feralcare.com for more details or to come by and meet them in person. Adopting a friend. Please email us at info@feralcare.com to make arrangements to see all of our kitties. All kitties are fostered privately until they find their forever homes. Come Visit Us! **As of January 2016, Queenie is available for adoption through the Branford Compassion Club.


SEVERAL OF OUR KITTIES ARE READY AND WAITING FOR THEIR "HAPPY ENDING" OR "HAPPY NEW BEGINNING" TO BE FEATURED HERE. The kitties, as well as us, are looking for those special people to make them a member of the family and love them forever. If you have thought about adding a feline to your life, and are ready to make the commitment, please browse our kitty bios, and we can help you choose the right cat companion for you. GREAT NEWS!!!...JULES has been adopted!! Thank you to her new companion(s) for welcoming this wonderful kitty into a home. Please remember that adult kitties can bond and give as much love and companionship, and warm a heart, just like their younger counterparts!!


Please tell everyone you know how important it is to have all companion animals spayed and neutered. It is equally important to spay and neuter the strays and the ferals found in all neighborhoods, so please contact the Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic. The Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic is located at 25 Charles Street, Stratford, CT 06615. For information, please contact the Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic at 203-690-1550 or email info@nutmegclinic.org. Visit www.nutmegclinic.org to learn more about The Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic.


We are actively seeking volunteers, contributors, professionals, and community associations with the shared goal of aiding helpless animals in need and in reducing the homeless pet population. Please contact us at info@nutmegclinic.org or go to our website, www.nutmegclinic.org, to fill out a Volunteer Application which can be accessed directly at http://nutmegclinic.org/node/add/volunteer-application.


Thank you for your support of both FeralCare, Inc. and the Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic!




DONATIONS OF FOOD & SUPPLIES WILL BE GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED at all adoption events. FeralCare, Inc. appreciates all donations. All collected items benefit the foster cats of FeralCare, Inc., the homeless colonies living outdoors, and/or the operating needs of the clinic. For a Wish List of needed items, please visit: http://nutmegclinic.org/our-wish-list.


Please remember the felines living outside. It is especially important to make sure cats are spayed and neutered. If you are feeding a feral or a feral colony, please make sure they have adequate shelter, food, and clean water.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of our families and friends for all of their support. We have made so many new friends along the way. We couldn't have done it without you!! You all have helped us to end so much suffering in the feline community.
FeralCare, Inc.
P.O. Box 954
Stratford, CT 06614
Email: info@feralcare.com
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The Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic
25 Charles Street
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