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Our Adoptable Pet List

Basic Information:

Thank you for making shelter adoption your first option. You are truly making a difference in preventing pet overpopulation.

Our organization is dedicated to animal care and protection. Our goal is to promote responsible pet care and ownership.

Your new pet is counting on you for care and love for their entire life. Please give careful consideration to the financial and time commitment that is necessary to keep your new pet happy and healthy. Keep your pets in mind. when thinking about a housing location for your family. More Information.

We may request that you take a 24-hour period to ponder the decision that you are about to make as it will have a lasting affect on your family and your new pet.

Animals are easily confused by drastic changes to their lifestyles. Please allow your new pet a minimum of 30 days to adjust to your home. You will both need time to get to know each other.

The CT Humane Society promotes the concept of pets living inside the home with their families. All pets need a loving, secure home with proper food, water, shelter, exercise, medical care, companionship and supervision.

Placing animals into new homes is a responsibility that we take very seriously for the benefit of the pets in our care and the prospective families. All people interested in adopting a pet from the Connecticut Humane Society will be asked to complete an adoption application and legal adoption agreement. Please take the time to thoroughly read, understand and complete these forms.

Please allow up to one hour to complete an adoption.

Adoption Requirements:

1. Valid driver's license or photo ID with your current address.

2. Adopters must be 18 years of age or older.

3. If you rent, please provide your landlord's name, phone number and a copy of your lease agreement to our adoption staff.

4. If you own your home, please provide proof of homeownership to our adoption staff.

5. In order to help you select a pet that will be the best possible match for your lifestyle, we may ask you to assist us with one or more of the following details as they may apply to your situation: a. Child/pet interaction if the children living in your home are under 18 years old. b. Meet/greet with any other family members living in your home. c. Dog/new pet interaction if you already have a canine companion in your home.

8. Complete an adoption application and participate in an interview with an adoption counselor.

Your adoption benefits package includes the following items:

Basic benefits for feline/canine adoptions:

1. A consultation with our adoption staff to help you select the most suitable animal companion for your lifestyle.
2. Spay or neuter surgery.
3. Flea Treatment and worming.
4. Preliminary inoculations including rabies for dogs/cats over 3 months old and distemper.
5. Identification tags and rabies tag if applicable.
6. Starter supply of food.
7. Pet care information.
8. A medical evaluation and treatment for problems that have been discovered during the exam. Adopters must assume full responsibility for any medical care incurred after the date of adoption.
9. Additionally, some of our available animals have received extensive medical treatment while within our care.

All cats and dogs will now be microchipped prior to adoption. Additionally, all adopters are now eligible for a free 30-day ShelterCare gift pet insurance policy. Certain restrictions apply. MORE INFORMATION.

Dog adoptions include the following additional benefits:

1. Bordetella vaccination and heartworm testing.
2. Collar and leash.
3. Canines 6-months old and older are temperament tested for adoption suitability.
4. Behavioral support for canines and their new families.
5. Discounted rate available on obedience classes for canines adopted from CT Humane.

Cat adoptions include the following additional benefits:

1. Testing for feline leukemia and feline AIDS.
2. Stretch collar
3. Cardboard carrier

After You Adopt:

The Connecticut Humane Society provides medical evaluation and veterinary care for treatable conditions that are diagnosed while the pets are residing within our shelter system. Our organization believes that it is important to the ongoing health of your pet to maintain a proactive relationship with your family veterinarian. We encourage all adopters to schedule an appointment for their new pet within 14 days of adoption. We ask adopters to remember that as the legal owner of your new pet, it is your responsibility to handle any and all medical needs and expenses that may occur after the adoption has been finalized.

The Connecticut Humane Society believes that one of the most important things that we can all do to prevent pet overpopulation and needless euthanasia is to make sure our pets are spayed or neutered. This service is included in the price of an adoption (for cats and dogs) and in many cases has already been performed on your new pet. In the event that your new pet has not been altered yet, you will receive a certificate for spay/neuter. The certificate is good for a free spay/neuter surgery at Fox Memorial Clinic or for a discounted surgery at a local veterinary practice. You should schedule this surgery to take place within 30 days of adoption or when the pet reaches 6 months of age.

The Connecticut Humane Society works diligently every day to make adoption decisions that benefit both our customers and our pets. We do understand that in some cases, the adoption does not work out. If you are unable to keep your adopted pet, please return your animal to the Society in accordance with Society policy. We stand behind our pets.

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