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The Stray & Feral Rescue Project (SFRP) is NOT a shelter but an aggressive TNR (trap, neuter, return/rehome) effort run by members and volunteers of local animal rescue and welfare groups and Pet Pals Northeast, Inc. and supported by some local rescue groups, local animal control, shelters and national organizations. The SFRP was created in 2003 to lower the over population of street cats, and stray/feral (wild) cats by decreasing their numbers humanely with the only proven solution used worldwide - TNR. In 2003 there was a major need for a TNR program in our area and after much research and educating ourselves The SFRP was modeled after successful TNR efforts nation and worldwide. In cooperation with other local animal rescue groups, local officials, animal control officers and veterinarians our volunteers work endlessly to stop the unnecessary misery and suffering of abandoned, lost, and stray/feral cats. Our volunteers work with and educate local residents implementing TNR projects within their neighborhoods and throughout New London County. In addition to our TNR efforts, our volunteers provide: basic care (food, water, vaccinations, shelter, etc.) on a daily basis to several large cat colonies, affordable spay/neuter services to low income individuals, and educational workshops on "Starting A TNR Project in Your Neighborhood".
The SFRP is a TNR effort and program of an all volunteer organization that receives no funding from the town, state or government and is solely supported by the community and businesses they serve. Because SFRP is an all volunteer organization 100% of donations go directly to decreasing the street cat population here in New London County. We hold various fund raisers and adoption events throughout the year to support our spay/neuter efforts and the animals we rescue.


The Stray & Feral Rescue Project is dedicated to the care and protection of homeless and abandoned animals. Our goals include working with other animal rescue groups to save as many lives as possible and to actively seek out permanent homes for these animals. To assist our community in bringing quality of life to a last generation of feral cats born to our streets and neighborhoods here in New London County.


A month to spread the word on how TNR makes communities a safer place for people and pets while drasicly reducing street cat populations and the suffering of homeless cats & kittens! A month to join neighbors, coworkers, friends, family in a collections of donations and/or supplies.A time for businesses to a donation jar. All proceeds from October collection will be used to decrease kitten season 2013 with aggressive TNR efforts through the winter months! Online donations collected at Or send to:Stray & feral TNR projects PO Box 191, Ledyard 06339 Payable to Clark Vet. Hospital

THANK YOU TO ALL RESIDENTS & BUSINESSES WHO SUPPORTED NATIONAL FERAL CAT MONTH!!! Please continue to spread the word on TNR, offer donation jars & have collections throughout the year to help volunteers assist local residents & businesses spared the lives of 1000s of homeless pets!!! <>.?Remember $1. a month all together adds up to saving and sparing New London County pets!


AT: Petco in Waterford
WHEN: 1st Saturday of each month
All other Saturdays and Sundays by apointment AT" Ledyard animal control
Stop by meet our volunteers, meet rescued cats & kittens for adoption, pickup Rally to Rescue tee shirts & wrist bands and find out whats going on in local rescue!
Collecting cat food, donations, towels, pet supplies as it is a busy time of the year in rescue.
Collecting sponsor a spay donations! Get together with family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. Find out from our exp. volunteers how much impact spaying one or two homeless cats can have on your community and in the lives her & her kittens! One cat can have three or more litters a year on our streets with a very high mortality rate. You can stop this and spare approx. 15 -20 kittens and their desperate mom.
Please join us in expanding this number in 2012 " The need, the waiting list is long" and be a much needed part of bringing our street cat population and suffering under control by helping us implement TNR the only proven method to bring control to street cat populations world-wide! Address below.!

ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DED. AND USED LOCALLY! Donations jar & barrels in place at: Ledyard Animal control RT. 117 860-464-2296 Old Lyme Clark vet. hospital on 445 Shore RD. Collecting Donations, towels, blankets, dry/canned cat/dog food, litter, cat supplies, carriers, cages, humane traps etc.


Save this dates for 2014

First Saturday in May 3rdl, July5th and September 6th 11:30 am to 3:30pm

May 3rd Help stuff our humane trap with loose change and dollar bills! And keep it saving and sparing 1000s od pets lives locally!!

At: United way parking lot Corner of Route 12 & Ro ute 214 in Galesferry. **Look for the purple & black Rally to Rescue tent**

Easy drive through parking lot. Volunteer waiting to assist you pop your truck, doors or hand out a donation.

All proceeds used locally to address the over 30 calls & cries for help from local homeless pets.

Also collecting Donations for vet. care & Spay a stray this May collection, medications & our TNR spay & neuter program, dog & cat food (dry/canned), litter, cleaning & pet supplies!

Hold your own collection at work, neighborhood, family, school, business or community group!

Flyers & jar covers to personalize. Email or call.

Thank you too all who supported our 1st two drives in 2012 and was great meeting you all!

Can not make or have no cans or bottles we be happy to pick up or simply join our monthly $1. will help collection! Just stop on by!

Address above & below!!! Stop in and meet cats and kittens for adoption that have been rescued, rehabbed and now ready to join their forever homes!

Join friends, family, coworkers, schools, community groups (youth & adult) and offer your place of work or business. Have A collection and meet us April 8th, July 8th & September 9th at the United Way parking lot in Ledyard with your collections also collecting donations, cat & kitten food, litter, blankets & towels to make our fostered cats & kittens comfy. Location to be announced! Flyers & promotion provided
In 2013 sponsors spared  1000 litters of kittens from being born on our streets here in New London County through our 1st Rally to Rescue Community collection.! With your support : Donations, volunteering, adoptions, supplies, venues, collections etc." we help expanded our rescue efforts to help approx. 500 cats altered, 250 kittens rescued & brought to shelters & adopted, 62 orphans hand raised by volunteers and 93 friendly adults sheltered & adopted. Most friendly cats & kittens go to shelters and rescue groups we trust. "Fact: Only a few homeless kittens are ever seen, make it past their few weeks and even with local mass rescue efforts 1000s of litters are never rescued or are turned away because our shelters are full, too young, not socialized or ill every spring & summer"
Please join us in expanding this number in 2014 " The need, the waiting list is long" and be a much needed part of bringing our street cat population and suffering under control by helping us implement TNR the only proven method to bring control to street cat populations world-wide!
Address below.!
We have researched & educated ourselves and found the answer NL County has been demanding and needing.
Now it is up too you too help us make that answer"TNR" a solution!! 

Donations jar & barrels in place at:
Ledyard Animal control J.Alfred Way 860-464-2296
Old Lyme Clark vet. hospital on 445 Shore RD.


Donations, towels, blankets, dry/canned cat/dog food, litter, cat supplies, carriers, cages, humane traps etc.


Pet food & supplies
Recyable bottle & cans
Yard sale in our honor
Monetary collection.
Humane traps, dog houses or shelters new, used, hand made needed for feral cat colonies & our feral center.
Cat food (Dry/Canned) always welcome and needed for maintaning feral cat colonies throughout the area. We feed over 250 rescued colony cats daily, cats recovering from TNR projects, cats awaiting adoption and help other feral colony caretakers monthly.
One bag or can will help.
Supplies: Litter, toys, scratching posts, beds, carriers, KMR kitten milk, bottles, cages, paper towels, garbage bags, humane traps, cleaning supplies, flea treatments etc.
Gift cards to area veterinary clinics, Hardware stores, Walmart and Pet stores would be of great help with items & services we use daily & to keep pets waiting adoption comfortable and happy. Even feral cats like toys, comfy beds and scratching posts. These items are used daily at our shelters, foster homes and used daily as we rescue.
Together we can address our mission aggressively & successfully!


Winter, a bitter and harsh time of the year for wildlife and homeless pets just too much ! Spring, summer and fall still so very hard for the pets that call our streets home. Wildlife battle the bumping into humans who now move closer and closer to the places they have called home. No pet should be living, dieing or born on our streets by the 1000s every year! A very important time in rescue, a time to ensure a lower kittens season, homes for friendly strays and bring quality o life to feral cats on the streets of New London County! The time we need to be out trapping and spay and neutering.Please help us to help every cry and call for help. If we don't help them no one will! Foster homes needed, masin rescuers working endlessly to help you, residents, already 16 orphans and hurt kittens have come our way and funds are limited. Only you can keep us going and getting to all in need of our and your help. Support local rescue efforts by adopting which opens our doors to more homeless pets or maybe you would consider fostering a littler of kittens or cat or simply support our efforts. We receive over 15 calls a day this time a year and we know behind every call is a pet or more in need of help. As an all non- profit organizations we rely solely on the community we serve to bring affordable programs and solutions to help residents and our communities pets in need.
It's up to you New London County residents and businesses now as to how much we can do to help you. If every resident and business would donate a few dollars a month, offer a donation jar, have a collection or save the supplies we use daily to help you we could do so very much more to help all of New London County and leave not one call for help unanswered.
It is simply up to you and it doesn't have to be this way!!!!!Please join in with communities throughout CT. and the nation and end pet over population by helping us help you implement proven solutions!
Did you know that at 2:00 a.m. every night a huge population of desperate cats and kittens start to scavenge for life on the streets of New London County? The problem is huge but controllable if we together, as a community, implement TNR (trap, neuter, return).
Please spay or sponsor a stray every year. Together we can stop this vicious cycle and make this the last generation of stray/feral cats born to the streets of New London County. We are working harder than ever with local residents to implement TNR in backyards, neighborhoods and high feral cat population areas. Everyday that goes by countless kittens are born that will never be named, owned, loved or cared for. Most will die a horrible preventable death.
We The SFRP need YOU to help implement TNR in your neighborhoods - we cannot do it alone - it is up to New London County residents, veterinarians, businesses and property owners to step up to the challenge to help us, help you. Together we can easily reduce the over population of stray/feral cats in New London County. Please contact us for more information on how to implement TNR projects, low cost spay/neutering, humane trap rentals or easy ways to support local TNR efforts.
The more community support we receive the more we can help homeless pets and local residents implement TNR throughout the streets and neighborhoods of New London County!
To support our efforts please send donations to:
Pet Pals Northeast Inc.
Note: Stray & Feral Rescue Project (SFRP)
PO Box 191
Ledyard, CT
(860) 464-2296 or (860) 546-1280 Ext. 3
To direct support our way mention CT283

Can YOU provide a safe outdoor home to a stray/feral cat that is in desperate need of relocating to ensure his/her survival and safety? Do you have unused property that we can relocate cats to? If so, PLEASE contact us ASAP! All cats are spay/neutered, vaccinated and healthy. We will assist with relocating the cat(s) to your safe backyard, garage, barn, stable, and/or business. Our daily presence on unoccupied properties is a great security factor. Please contact us at (860) 464-2296 or at
All we ask is that you provide the daily care, attention and shelter they deserve as domestic pets.


All together we can make a big difference in our community & in the lives of many pets in need here in New London County .

March 2013 Starts another busy season in rescue even with all the TNR that was done throughout the winter calls start this month looking for foster homes for orphans, hurt kittens, sick kittens and abandon cats and calls for TNR assistance by residents who just do not want to see another spring and summer of suffering in areas that concern them. With the hope of afew more vet.s on board with affordable cost we hope to double our numbers this year. So please bare with us as we hope to be able to address and help every resident with resources. And you too can start a TNR effort with local spay neuter programs and The TEAM van who lends traps and offers low cost. TEAM 1-888-FOR-TEAM. More programs on

18 litters of kittens and their desperate parents await our help along with colony projects to be started and completed through this busy time here in New London County. The cries have been heard by local residents and businesses and the calls were made to us. Now it up to you and us !!! Please send donations to: Pet Pals NE Inc. SFRP PO Box 191, Ledyard CT. 06339-0191 if you work for a vet. or have contacts please ask for a discount rate package and make a donation of a spay or a neuter & vaccines or a vet. visit for a homeless cat or kitten in dire need. Gift certificates are available at most vet.s

Please join us in addressing every call made to help a homeless cat or kitten. No more lucky ones we can do this together, TNR is affordable & effective. Saving 1000s of homeless cats & kittens and sparing 1000s from misery & suffering!

Seeking 5 businesses

conviently located across New London County to join in personalize communtiy fund raiser to help us meet the demand. Expand our program and address our waiting list of residents and businesses who would like to join in the community effort to make New London County a safer place for people and our pets. Joining in TNR will not just bring quality of life to a last generation of feral cats, stopping the suffering of kittens being born homeless and uncared for with a 90% chance of never making it to a shelter, stopping nuisence behavior the cats create from ripping through garbage because they are starving, smelling up our yards, breaking into our basements, garages and sheds trying to keep warm or cool, stopping the howling and fighting noises at 1am, sparing us and our families from witnessing suffering of homeless pets. It also opens our shelters doors to pets in need of a new home and offers more litters of kittens and cats a chance to get off the streets and to survive. Along with saving tax dollars when our animal control officers are called in for a litter of kittens and cats hit by a cars in search of food and water. An over whelming small rescue groups budgets.....All this can go away with a community effort to assist residents willing to volunteer a few hours for a few weeks to implement TNR a proven affordable, effective and quick solution through out the community!
In 2012 and now in 2013 we have the interest & need to kick off the year & make that answer TNR our solution too. Its not like this everywhere. Help us end kittens season and the suffering we, volunteers and you witness every spring, summer and then fall and winter. And for all who are not cat lovers it will address your concerns if any too.
Contact: 860-464-2296
An average week in rescue
In 2011, 2012, 2013
Orphans, orphans, orphans from just hours old up. Hand raisied by two wonderful volunteers. In just one week our attention was brought to 10 day old babies found on a towle in a local park just inches from the road. Thankfully a resident walking her dog came upon them, made the calls and they are are growing and even have some mom time from one of our rescued moms. Rain brings frantic homeless mother cats wandering with their tiny kittens looking for a safe place out of the rain. Some get dropped in yards and driveways other are even dropped at residents door steps. We are called either helping with supplies and information so they can foster them. However the tiny ones make it to us where years of exp. and the dedication to care and feed them hourly by our director. To date 38 under a week old since June not to metion all the other tiny one. Thanks you community for making that very important call for the kitten. Never a mom or sibling left behind.-
By working together with FOFF Inc, Pet Pals Inc. AWL Inc. Pet Connections, Ct. Humane Soc. and other groups when able we are starting to model an aggressive TNR effort. With the help & discounts of supporters of TNR Niantic animal hospital, Clark vet. hospital, TEAM, Cat Hospital and local vet. tech.s we are setting the stage for an aggressive TNR effort here in new London County. Please join us, Spread the word that just a few dollars form all concerned residents and businesses we too are joining in a national TNR effort. More info on TNR and how it benefits not just the homeless animal but the whole community and it resources at www.alleycat/org
We have rescued, rehabbed, found shelter for and fostering to date: 134 kittens many orphans found by local residents. Gone through over 40 pounds of kitten formula.
Many calls for info. on local resources, people seeing uncared for feral cats & kittens, help with vet. care, help with food, flea products & bombs, cat supplies and more. We try and do respond to each call, if we can not help we try our best to get them the help they or the pets they are trying to help need. We have wonderful exp. volunteers who are wiling & waiting to help other residents & businesses start TNR efforts. However we are held back many times on starting or assisting residents with TNR projects by vet.s involved & of funding. This means huge increase in projects.
Dr. Clark & staff of Clark vet. hospital in Old Lyme support community betterment efforts by assisting with spay & neutering and giving medical attention at a great discount to over 400 cats & 100s of kittens in 2009.
26 calls for help with kittens found. Many have been turned away by rescue groups & shelters because they are full, kittens are sick, too young, too old, not social etc. because of your support & dedicated exp. volunteers/local residents taking the time out of their busy lives to lend a hand. Not all areas in CT. have this problem each spring & summer. TNR saves lives, opens shelters, rescue groups & animal controls doors.
5 calls about hurt cats. Including a wee kitten in Jewitt City who wandered off a near by farm. The kitten seemed to know humans bring help and care why so many humans seem to think they can care for themselves. Our dedicated vet. Dr. Clark mentioned the kitten would not have survived more then a few more hours. Now safe and recovering.
2 residents needing help with supplies"KMR milk replacer, litter, kittens food, mini litter boxes" & the special info. our infant foster homes have to raise orphans.
3 cats found sick by passer byers who took the time to try and get help. Volunteer vet. tech.s assist with testing, consulting with their vet.s to get the cats the help they need. two of the good sams are fostering them while they recover, take med.s and settle back into a life as a pet.
Cat found sitting on porch of abandon or foreclosed home. We found her declawed, covered in ticks, very scared and rumor has it she has been waiting there for them 4 months.
Call from new homeowner about previous owners cat trying to break in. After finally trapping the cat & contacting her owner we found they have been looking for her for over 7 months. The 17 year old cat went missing through the confusion of moving. They are elated and will be coming from out of state to pick her up. She was rescued by them 17 years ago from a construction site at 7 month old starved to the size of a 3 month old kitten.
5 calls from residents needing help with flea products for the pets & homes.
5 more residents put on waiting list for TNR projects while funding and vet. time secured. Joining a huge list of residents & areas.
4 phone calls about a litter of friendly kittens at parking lot at exit 92 screaming for help. After a week of searching no mother to be found.
Foster homes and volunteers raising 14 kittens under 5 weeks old. One just hours old when she was brought to us.
A call for help by a woman who witnesses a horrible act of cruelty and rescued what was left, a hurt, scared and sad mother cat and her only surviving kitten. While giving birth she was abused & her kittens killed/murdered.
Volunteer found a mother cat, her 8 week old kittens & her 4 month old kittens sitting tight to a plate glass window of local pharmacy trying to get a bit of warmth.
Took in 14 kittens, ages 3-12 weeks old, 4 orphans 2-3 weeks old.
27 rescued & fostered kittens ready for adoption moved to trusted rescue groups & shelters. All kittens tested, vaccinated, dewormed & on flea preventative working together helps open the doors for these rescued cats & kittens.
Delivering food, litter, supplies, medications 3 foster homes, daily care of three large colonies without caretakers, to people caring for already altered feral cats"Appox. 250 cats", poeple going through hard times and arranging spay and neutering for approx. 40-50 cats a month.
Residents & businesses through out the area bring attention to our most desperate pets, the ones that were born & call our streets & neighborhoods home. Because of volunteers working everyday, assisting other residents, fostering, nurturing, guiding residents, transporting & promoting proven solutions to ending felines over population many lives are saved & changed. Along with stopping it from happening again, area to area.
The smallest just hours old, all fighting for life & a chance that only you can give them, a home. Thanks to supporters of local rescue these chances they will have. The 68 kittens volunteers rescued in since April will have that chance because of our presence within the community.
local non-profit organization a major supporter of this project and local TNR efforts. Together we join forces with other local rescue & welfare org.s ending the suffering of 1000's of kittens each spring and summer and bring quality of life to a last generation of feral cats and homes to abandon and stray cats.
Particapating in & offering large spay & neuter TNR projects. "May spay 2008, Fall Fix 2008, Spay USA 2009, June spay a stray 2009, Fall Fix for ferals 2009 and more to come!"
Our foster homes and streets have wonderful friendly cats "7 mon.s to 3 years" that have found themselves homeless and alone on the streets of New London County many unaltered and struggling to keep their kittens alive. Some have been found and rescued by our dedicated volunteers and local residents. Their kittens have found their forever homes however many of their moms are still here waiting for theres. Many many more friendly homeless cats need our help and many more this coming spring and summer please help us help them by adopting a rescue cat or two and which opens our foster homes and area shelters doors to more in need of our help!
If you are interested in adopting or fostering we have cats ranging in age from a few days old to adult cats. Adopting and/or fostering enables our volunteers to continue their much needed and in demand rescue efforts. Fostering a cat that has seen more pain and suffering then any person or pet should ever see, so it may take a few weeks to trust and learn again that people care. A very fulfilling experience and opens doors only fostering can do, bring her/ him a home of their very own.
8 very bonded cats are left waiting for a home. Safe as they can be. With daily care volunteered by two local residents, along with Various others and people who fish at the park. An older healthy group need a safe home. Ideally all together!!! We would assist with all thats needed to get these last 8 home and safe forever!
Please contact us to find out how easy it is to provide street/feral cats a home and bringing quality of life to them or earmark a donation that will go directly to them!
Two of many very sad sites in the area ......
Go to our adoptable pets link above to see the cats needing relocation.
If you would like to adopt, get more information on this project or make a much needed donation to help cover the cost of this rescue project (Address below) please contact Melinda at: (860) 464-2296 OR
TNR projects continuously remind us why we are needed and why we need to educate and help residents start TNR projects throughout New London County. On a daily basis our volunteers rescue kittens with severe eye infections, many injuries, mother cats to weak from hunger to care for their young. Kittens dying from flea or parasite infestation. These kittens/cats are pets not wild animals and cannot live without human intervention and care. Please spread the word about TNR and our efforts. Homeless street cats rely on New London County residents and rescue groups to end their suffering.
We have the solution and our volunteers are out there day and night implementing TNR projects and educating throughout New London County. TNR requires a combined effort from the residents of New London County - without you we cannot manage the overpopulation problem. Please consider joining in with other New London County residents and stop this unnecessary suffering, misery and problems surrounding our street cat population.
A New London neighborhood takes control of their street cat population!
A New London neighborhood puts the TNR solution to work for their stray cat problem. After contacting "SFRP" about a litter of kittens and finding out about TNR they have now spayed/neutered nine cats that roam their neighborhood. Our volunteers helped by removing the kittens for adoption and offering low cost spay and neutering. In a few weeks after a neighborhood collection more cats will be spayed and neutered. We are seeing a major effort by residents throughout the New London County area to manage the stray cat population. After showing residents in the L&M Hospital area how to implement TNR they began trapping the stray/feral cats in their backyards and to date have TNR'd over 28 cats and saved many many kittens. All kittens were removed by our volunteers and placed for adoption. ALL these kittens and cats were removed from TWO backyards. We are proud of this combined effort between our group and the residents who decided to take control of the stray cat population and stop the misery and suffering of the cats living in their yards. WE have the solution (TNR) - now we need to get together as a community and put the solution to work.
UPDATE: Spring 2009 two litters reported safe & homed along with their 2 friendly abandon mothers. One unlatered friendly male found, altered & rehomed. The neighborhood took care of the siituation now that they are aware of local resources & educated on TNR.
We have been selected to be an ambassador for the Rally to Rescue program.
Purina is offering a wonderful program to select rescue groups through out the US to help these rescue groups efforts. They offer us these wonderful matching collars for pets and wristbands for their owners and supporters of rescue. Along with very unique limited edition tee shirts. We are using the funds for our stray and feral spay neuter fund.
Please stop by Rally to Rescues website to find out more and how they support animal rescue and welfare efforts nation wide just click on logo below!!!
If you are interested in getting a wrist band for you and a matching collar for your pet please email us for details or send a min. donation of $5. (Shipping included) to address below. Note on envelope for R2R and size needed. (Cat, S-M dog, Lg. dog ) Also available at Rally to Rescue website! Purina splits the proceeds between the ambassadors to help us continue our missions 4 times a year. Also available at our events.


*Only Available from Rally to Rescue ambassadors & on the Rally to Rescue website so be one of the 1st in the area to show off these wonderful tee shirts and wrist bands, while supporting local rescue efforts!!!


Help us make amp; summer 2011 a safer place!
Sponsor a strays spay. Winter is the time we need your help the most. Many strays need spay and neutering. Help decrease 2011s kitten seasons suffering & stop pet over population here in New London County!.
We will be posting all sponsors on this site or keep you Anonymous!
Get together with friends or coworkers, community groups, a donation jar on your desk or a walk though your neighborhood and sponsor a strays spay!
For $65. you can save the lives of hundreds of cats and kittens by spaying one stray cat!!
Address below.
Note on envelope sponsor a spay & if you want your name/business on our websites sponsor/supporters section.
Spayed a stray cat over the winter email us & we will place your 1st name, last initial & town or businesses name in our community supporters section. Show the community your willing to be apart of community betterment efforts

Ways to support TNR efforts here in New London county

Sponsors needed for spay days. Private sponsors as well as businesses. Anonymous or publicly announced. Show your community you care & help them start the change needed here on New London County streets. Spay day sponsors start at few as 10 cats. $65. to as low as $10 per cat
For more information contact Melinda at (860) 464-2296 or at for more information.
Have stocks, bonds or property you can afford to donate? Interest off an investment for a specific amount of time? Add our organization to your estate. Have a spay day or spay/neuter program in your or someone dears honor by sending in a monetary donation or from interest of an investment. These are easily setup and run by our organization.
Contact us below.
Send in a donation Even $1. will help. It adds up if we all get together as a community!!! Please spread the word, lets make our "$1. will help" collections grow monthly!!
"$1.00 will help" monthly fund raiser collection .
Send to:
(Donation button for your convenience coming soon)
Stray & feral rescue project
PO Box 191
Ledyard, CT. 06339
Payable to: Pet Pals NE Inc.
** Note: On envelope $1. fund.
Spay a stray before May along with other concerned N.L. County residents & rescue groups. This is the time of year we need your help the most! Many TNR projects waiting to be started, many desperate cats and kittens need rescue. Every few dollars adds up to saving lives, stopping much suffering, enabling rescuers, bringing homes to the adoptables and bringing control to our huge stray and feral cat population.
An investment you can only be proud to make in the future of your community!
Contact us for more info, local low cost spay & neutering, find local info. on, trap loans or contact your or local veterinarians for pricing. We will be happy to come educate & explain TNR to your neighborhood or community and how to get a neighborhood & backyard projects & collection started.
Contact us if you would like to sponsor spaying strays in your area, backyard, apartment complex, at work or area of concern.
Contact info. below
We need places to post flyers, donations jars, have paw print collections, places where supporters can dropoff donations.(We provide collection barrels). Have events in your foyer or parking lot and a place to setup a table to educate the community on TRN and what is being done here in the area to stop pet over population and suffering.
Please save damaged, dented and unsellable items we use daily for our rescue efforts or aat our fundraisers. We will be happy to send someone right out to pickup items. (Cat food(dry & canned, litter, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, pet beds, fenced enclosures, carpet remnants etc.
For a complete list please contact us below.
Consider adding a cat or two to your store. They will keep the store free of rodents and customers look forward to seeing them. Besides giving a home to a cat(s) without one!!
We will be happy to announce your bussinesses support in our newsletter, on our websites supporters section & local radio, news paper & T.V.
Contact Melinda at: Or (860) 464-2296 or Linda at: (860) 912-3098
TNR websites:
They will send you enough flyers, brouchires & info to get you started being a local advocate. 
Link to many more great sites from the above site and see what's being done throughout CT, the USA and the world to get the street cat populations under control with TNR!

Enclosure project wishlist for 2011

Purfect/deer cat fencing installed. Donate a section
Carpenter to build wooden ensclosures w/roof.
Construction of relocation cages.
Lumber for building projects. Left over from jobs, OK.(Shelters, feeding stations etc.)
All work donated will be at your convenience.
Great community service projects!
Enclosure project will be used for TNR recovery areas, (re)socializing areas for cats & kittens. Large enclosure for a temp. sanctuary for cats needing relocating and waiting on appropriate homes.


A wonderful non-profit organazation called TEAM mobile unit for cats, (pets, strays & ferals) spays/neuters, vaccinates, exams & ear tipping of feral cats for $77. per cat. That's not very much to save the lives of hundreds of cats and kittens from a life of misery & suffering. Along with joining in state wide efforts in lowering Connecticut's pet over population!
They also offer routine vaccines, worm & flea treatments. Humane trap loans available.
Call: 1-888-FOR-TEAM for more info. & to make an appointment. Call ASAP for an appointment they book quickly. Stop by their website here to find out what is being done throughout CT. to stop pet over population.
Humane traps also available at local rental stores & for sale at local hardware stores.
We will be happy too keep the trap saving 100s of lives, consider  donating it.

Adopting a friend

If your interested in adopting a rescued pet from us please email us for an application we require prior to the meeting. We ask that you sign an adoption ageement and for a donation to help defray the cost of the pets rescue and to help us continue our rescue efforts. All pets are altered if old enough or if to young you will be asked to sign a sterilazation agreement. Cats & kittens are vaccinated, tested for FIV/FLV, dewormed, on flea treatment, litter box trained & passed for adoption by our veterinarian.


Please post on ad section or contact us we can help by posting a courtesy posting for you, especialy if you are doing TNR rescue work and come accross friendly cats that could be adopted as inside pets. All we ask is that the pet is UTD on vaccines and altered. Send us a picture and a short description and we will be happy to post them if they are in or out of the colony.No free to good homes. You are in change of the adoption process and its up to you to do the background & reference checks. We cn direct you to adoption forms and aplications to use when screening potential adopters.
Other ways to find homes for pets is to post flyers with a picture and description in stores, retirement places, schools, message boards of businesses, schools etc. The more exposure the better people need to know they are looking for a home.
Contact info below.
If you are interested in a pet we have posted as a courtesy posting for a pet-owner, rescuer or foster home please contact the them directly!

Come Visit Us!

All meetings are by appointment only. All our rescued pets are in our Ledyard, Montville or Plainfield homestyle shelters. Unless in one of our wonderful foster homes or cat colonies through out the area.


Dr. Clark, Friends of feral felines Inc, Dr. Carpeneter, Dr. Madowski, TEAM Dr.s & their tech's
for helping with spay & neutering & vet. care of approx. 650 cats, plus 100s of kittens in 2010!
Michelle P. Vet. Tech.- For helping us though medical ER's, vacines & testing etc.
Off. Kimlynn Marshall - Support, supplies, venue & help
Off. Tanya - New London ACO
Animal control officiers in our city & towns for their support & help!
LOcal animal welfare groups-For help with large TNR projects, medical care and supplies.
CT. Humane society in Quaker Hill- Supplies & taking in 100s of our rescued cats & kittens etc.
Sue S. & family- Stongington-Sponsor a  colony project 
Mellisa and family -Galesferry- Adopted a rescued kitten
Thank you to the 3 families who have offered some of eminent domain cats a new forever home this spring!
Private sponsors -40 spays
To all the supporters - Who remembered & supported - our efforts through-out the winter. Funds used for winter spay neuter efforts, stopping 100s from being born homeless this spring & summer.
A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO B. ROWE Mason's Island for donating all her birthday proceeds to the Stray & Feral Rescue Project. And to all those who donated on her behalf.
Thank you to local animal control officers for your help implementing TNR in your cities& towns!
A donation In memory of "Mindy Mae"
Meghan & Nick - Ledyard - Adopted two rescued kittens
Deanna & family-Groton-Adopted a very special boy "Pop Eye"
Stephan and Deletta - Adopted a rescued kitten
Betty & Tom - East Hampton - Monthly Sponsors
Cheryl C. - East Lyme - Sponsored TNR Project
Scott A. - New London - Sponsor
Dolly M. - Preston - Sponsored TNR Project
Susan S. - Stonington - Supplies and support
Bath Family - Adopted a rescued cat
Walker Family - Ledyard - For adopting a family of cats
Joe B.- Killingworth - Adopted two outdoor cats
Bit by Bit Stable - Montville - For giving three very lucky feral cats a wonderful barn home
Plus many more who have supported local "TNR" efforts by adopting a rescued cat(s) or kitten(s) over the busy year!
Thank you for helping to bring quality of life to street cats and stopping another generation (which quadruples the current population each year) from suffering as a homeless, uncared for feral cat/pet and getting closer to making this the last generation of homeless cats born our streets and in our neighborhoods!
Let's keep it growing, every dollar goes to saving lives here in New London County. One spay saves hundreds of lives from a life of misery and suffering. Think about it. Along with addressing pet over population problems here in New London County.


The Stray & Feral Rescue Project of
Pet Pals of Northeast Inc.
PO Box 191
Ledyard, CT 06339
Please make donations payable to: Pet Pals Northeast Inc. and note: SFRP
(860) 464 -2296
(860) 546-1280
Trap loans, help with TNR projects, stray cats, volunteering, donations and project information.
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