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Anyone interested in adopting a pet can start at their local animal animal control facility. Look them up in the blue pages of your phonebook and find out where they are! Go and see what they have and ask when they will be available. Animals are usually there because of failures of their pet parents. Generally they've been found roaming, abandoned or have been relinquished.

It is a fallicy that animals at the pound are vicious. And, certainly they are not all dogs! But because pounds are not shelters the situation for an animal can change in as little as an hour. So, if you find you are interested in a pound pet please don't waste time. Please visit them ASAP and know in doing so you can indeed save a life.

In New London County city pound dogs are in threat of being euthanized quickly (after becoming property of the city) because little time is allowed for rehoming them. New London's pound facility is almost repaired! Their acting animal control officers have been sharing Waterford's animal control/shelter so this year has been a difficult one. Animals capable of being adopted have had little time to rehome. Hopefully this will change once they are back in their facility. This should occur sometime in November.

New London Animal Control's number is 860-447-5231. They are using office space at the police substation on Truman Street.

Hours of operation are 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and evenings Wed. through Fri. 4 p.m. through 12:30 a.m. Again, their number is 860-447-5231. Your call will be returned if you leave a message.

Each and every compassionate heart that comes forward to adopt a pound animal can make a difference in the life of one at risk starting today!

Who We Are

We are a non-profit 501 (C) 3 charity supported by donations, dues, and fundraisers. We have served the New London County community for 50 years (since 1963). Our goal is simple: we strive to help stop suffering of animals in our communities.

We are not a shelter. We have members that actively rescue strays on their own! We list some of their rescues here on petfinder.

If you have an animal you would like us to list for you please email us! Send a photo or two; a description of the animals personality; including their name and medical history if this information is available. We require both your name and phone #. But your email will be used in the write-up online if that is your preference.

A phone call will be made to discuss your listing prior to any information being placed on petfinder. And, after the adoption is made, you'll have to contact us to notify us to remove them from our pet listings. Send your information to Wendy at AWL will not list an animal as-free-to-a-good-home to ensure their safety.

Paws to Celebrate!

Animal Welfare League of New London County is having a holiday fundraiser Sat., 11/16, 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. & Sun., 11/17, 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. at Boilermakers Lodge 614, 33 Sacred Heart Drive, in Groton. Our "Paws to Celebrate" will celebrate our 50 years of assistance to companion animals. We'll have pawsitively purrfect adoptables; low cost microchipping with Home Again Microchips ($20 fee includes the registration costs); holiday baked goods to buy right before the holiday; and a fabulous silent auction.

You can try a Buy-a-Bone chance on baskets of goodies; get a 'fluffing' by a talented crew doing hair braiding/nail art; and pick up some holiday treasures at our resale tables.

Do come and meet Donna Velardi, an animal communicator, and learn about your pets past. And please donate to our pet food drivel Help keep pets and their families together this holiday season.

Funds raised at our "Paws to Celebrate" will help to replenish our Medical Fund. Demand for our assistance has increased in New London County. Companion animals shouldn't suffer. We can continue to make a difference with your support one precious life at a time.

AWL' s Meeters & Greeters, the Gadbois family's girls Jasmine and Grace will join us during our holiday fundraiser! Their guardians will answer questions about their training; their rescue; and will tell you about the exceptional work they've done for years as Therapy Dogs. Jasmine loves to talk to all who visit and Grace loves to snuggle up and give kisses.

AWL volunteers look forward to sharing heartwarming stories of love and lives saved. Come by and meet pet lovers in our communities; fall in love with some of Carries kitties; learn about Sues rescued horses, meet and fall in love with a pound dog. They are looking to go Home for the Holidays.

Make ADOPTION YOUR FIRST OPTION this season. By opening your heart and home to a homeless pet you will save their life. The second chance you give, the compassion and love you share will come back to you as unconditional love.

Please spay/neuter your companion animal(s).

Animal Welfare League advocates for spay/neuter efforts as they are essential to the long-term health of both sexes of our companion animals. Please spay/neuter your companion animal(s) and know by doing so you are preventing the suffering of unplanned and unwanted animals! You will make a humane and enormous difference in your neighborhoods.

Adopting a friend

If you would like to adopt a companion that you have seen listed here please contact the individual/rescuer listed! Please direct any questions you may have to individuals via their e-mails and/or phone numbers posted. Our main contact number (at the bottom of this page) will not have the answers to your questions about pet listings on this site.
Adopt a Puppy Bird Adoption Puppy Adoption Adopt a Kitten

Adopt your next companion animal and save a life! Please don't buy your next puppy or kitten!

MEET LOCAL RESCUERS AND ADOPT A RESCUE at Petco in Waterford on Saturdays and Sundays. Times and dates vary. Call the store directly to check their schedule.

Potential adopters may be requested to fill out a pre-adoption form to ensure a proper match is made. The final decision on placement of an animal listed here is solely made by the individual/ rescuer listed! To reiterate---adoption decisions are made outside of AWL as an organization.

AWL's listings of animals on are not all inclusive. And, it is important to understand when you inquire about an animal listed here on-the-spot adoptions should not be expected.

An adoption fee is required to help defray individual/rescuers expenses. This will vary depending on circumstances and on the rescuer.

Pets posted on will have a free month of pet health insurance as offered by

You can help to change the future for all animals beginning with those you encounter in your own life every day. Please check out the following video on new adoptable dog breeds!

Animal Neglect & Abuse is against the law!

If you know of or see an animal being neglected or abused call your local Animal Control Officer. Report the facts to your police department. If you meet resistance in making a report call the CT STATE OFFICE OF ANIMAL CONTROL: 860-713-2506. Report neglect and abuse! Be a voice for the voiceless!
Chained Dogs
Wish list:

Pet food (wet & dry), litter, toys, kitten formula, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, garbage bags, paper towels, dog houses and more. Call 860-445-0280 if you think you have something we can use.

ALERT: Companion animals allowed outdoors are at a higher risk of illness, abuse and injury than those kept indoors. Please help AWL help animals that have been injured or are ill---please support our Emergency Medical Fund! Donate what you can today to AWL in memory of a special companion animal that has shared your life and love. You will honor them by doing so and, most importantly, enable us to assist more companion animals that are in need.

TEAM mobile unit serves Connecticut cats

Call 1-888-FOR-TEAM for locations & dates of their stops. Their fees are $80. per cat/kitten. This covers the cost of an exam, a spay/neuter, and their Rabies and Distemper vaccinations. Call early if you want an appointment as they book up quickly this time of year.

Ask them about feral birth control. 'Feralstat' is available through TEAM!

Become a supporting member of AWL and receive our newsletter. Membership is $10.00 annually and $5.00 for seniors. Consider giving someone a gift membership!

PLEASE be a responsible guardian and SPAY/NEUTER your companion animal! It is estimated the number of healthy cats and dogs euthanized yearly are between 4-5 million nationwide. Escalating populations of unwanted, neglected, and often abused animals do not have to be a heartbreaking reality. You can help to end this cycle of suffering by simply spaying and neutering your animals. Remember: overpopulation issues are not limited to felines.

FUR IS DEAD! Please don't encourage or support the purchase of fur items in any form.

Animal Welfare League of New London County, Inc.
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Main phone: 860-447-9363 for information. Your call will be returned. Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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