Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue, LLC

Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue, LLC

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We are a network of volunteers based in New England. We serve New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, parts of New York and New Jersey. We have a large network of volunteers who are dedicated to helping homeless Goldens find forever homes. We work to save homeless Golden Retrievers from shelters, municipal pounds, and dogs turned in to us directly by owners who can no longer care for them. We do our best to assess each dog's medical needs, temperament, behavior, habits and exercise needs. Each dog receives any necessary vet care including all vaccinations and is spayed/neutered (if old enough) before adoption. We then carefully select homes based on the needs of each individual Golden.

Our adoption process begins when a homeless Golden Retriever is brought into rescue. Each dog is first provided a medical assessment and any necessary treatment including spay or neuter, heartworm, and vaccinations. We begin evaluating each dog's personality and temperament from the moment they are welcomed into our rescue. We attempt to assess each dog's behavior with other dogs, children, adults, and other animals (when available). We observe our dogs to determine as best we can their degree of house training, crate training, leash walking skills, knowledge of commands, ability to ride in cars, general activity level and exercise needs. From this information we are able to select the home best suited for each dog.


We do not have a facility to visit. Most of our dogs are fostered in private homes. Only APPROVED applicants can be considered for adoptions. Rescue Goldens are very special and a few will require some patience and training - this can also include house training. All adopters MUST demonstrate an understanding of the nature of rescue and a willingness to work with their dog, if needed. It is always WELL worth the effort!


1. Submission of online application
2. Vet reference check
3. Phone Interview
4. Home visit
5. Adoption committee works with you to find the most suitable match
6. Signing of adoption contract and payment of adoption fee


If you are in the difficult position of having to re-home your Golden Retriever, we urge you to please contact us. We always have qualified adopters waiting for that one special Golden. We will work with you should you decide to keep your dog while we match him or her to a new family, or we can take your dog immediately and place him or her in a loving foster home. To surrender a Golden, or to inquire further about our adoption process, please email us at:


Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue, LLC
Serving all of New England, and many parts of NY and NJ
E-mail us at:

In order to be considered for one of our wonderful dogs you MUST first fill out an online application on our website.

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