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Who We Are

We are the municipal animal shelter for the Town of Stafford, CT. We try not to terminate a animal's life if he/ she has the potential to be a great pet and be suitable for a new home. We try all measures to find out if the animal is adoptable and take appropriate measures to provide a good forever home for them! A reality is that, not all animals are adoptable and we assess that before a animal is posted to the public. Some of the animals posted on Petfinder are advertised in the local paper for their owners to find them (by Ct State Statue we advertise for one day.) Then (7) days after the date of the ad the animal is then available for adoption. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO LICENSE YOUR DOG AND MICROCHIP YOUR DOG OR CAT!! So that we can find you or you can find your companion.

Adopting a friend

Fee varies by residency. For Connecticut residents, the Adoption fee is $50.00 under the State Animal Population Control Program. This will include a certificate for Spay/Neuter and for shots,. The fee for adoptors outside of Connecticut is only $5.00 The fee for any pet that is already spay or neutered is only $5.00 regardless of residency. Adoptors must be approved before the animal is adopted out. You must produce a valid driver's license.

Come Visit Us!

We are located behind the transfer station at 80 Upper Road, Stafford , CT. Directions to our facility can be obtained by calling us at the number listed below.

Our Hours: Monday - Friday, Viewing animals for adoption and redemptions are by appointment only, We are Closed all Legal Holidays and Available By Appointment only for redemptions.
Stafford Animal Control
1 Main Street.
Stafford, CT 06075
Phone: 860-684-2382

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