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Our pups and kitties have a wish list... we are in need of grain free dry dog food -for large and small dogs. Also grain free dog can food. The pups would love marrow bones, they are natural, great for their teeth and keeps them busy. We can always use doggie treats... they love snack time! The pups really want Kuranda beds also, please use link. Our kitties would love some toys, kitty beds, scratch post and boxes, anything to make them happy. Cat dry and canned food, and of coarse kitty treats. Scoopable cat litter, litter boxes. And of coarse we are always in need of towels and blankets, dog beds,etc. We also would love gift cards to pet stores, Walmart, lowes,etc.

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Who We Are

Plainville Animal Control is a Municipal Animal Control Agency. We are a division of the Plainville Police Department, and we are responsible for picking up and caring for dogs who have lost their owners or who are strays. We do not take voluntary surrenders.

Adopting a friend

All non-alterted animals have a 50 dollar adoption fee which includes Animal Population Control Vouchers to help defray the cost of altering and vaccinations.

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We are open Monday thru Friday 8-4 by appointment only and Saturday and Sunday 9-12 by appointment only.
Plainville Animal Control
19 Neal Court

Plainville, CT 06062
Phone: 1-(860)-747-1617 X291


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