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PO Box 488, Riverside, CT 06878

About Outreach to Pets in Need (OPIN)

"putting an end to pet homelessness"

OPIN is an all volunteer, registered 501c3, non-profit organization. Our mission is to put an end to pet homelessness in Connecticut through medical treatment, training, public education and placement programs. OPIN supports the homeless pets that come into its care and the Community through a suite of welfare services.

Thanks to our generous donors, OPIN has been able to develop and deploy numerous programs supporting the OPIN mission and tenets.

Thanks to the generosity of animal lovers from Stamford and surrounding communities, and adopters near and far, OPIN has been able to provide extraordinary care to the most critically injured animals since 2007. Every animal that comes into our care is treated with dignity and respect regardless of breed, age or illness. A pup needing parvo treatment is provided for as is the cat or dog who may need neutering.

Our services include:
  • medical care
  • diagnostics
  • surgeries
  • medicines
  • microchipping
  • supplies and food
  • dog training & evaluations
  • foster care
  • education and,
  • promotional events.

    As well, OPIN provides the public with:

  • FREE dog training every Wednesday night
  • a subsidized low-cost spay-neuter program for pits and pit mixes (Stamford Residents Only)
  • emergency medical assistance to qualifying responsible pet guardians who have fallen on hard times
  • low-cost microchipping and quarterly FREE microchip clinics (The Chip'n Project)
  • post adoption private in-home dog training sessions with a professional dog trainer
  • foster care through our SafePet program for animals owned by victims of domestic violence who have entered into the Domestic Violence Crisis Center of Stamford program.

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    We survive off of the skills and generosity of our fabulous volunteers. Not only is it fun, but each and every hour you give makes a direct positive impact on the well-being of our homeless pets. Ways to contribute:

  • FOSTER a cat or dog! We never have enough foster homes.
  • Walk and socialize dogs
  • Help train dogs at our free, weekly obedience class
  • Cuddle and play with cats that may be boarding
  • Perform office work, data entry, and organization
  • Help with advertising/marketing
  • Help plan fundraising events
  • If you're interested in volunteering at OPIN visit this page.

    Which Form Do I Use for Adopting a Pet?

    • If the pet has "(OPIN)" next to its name on Petfinder, please fill out the OPIN Adoption Application. An electronic online dog application can be found on our website: www.opinpets.org. Cat applications can also be found on our website via a hard copy application. OPIN pets are part of our non-profit organization and usually in foster homes.
    • If the pet has "(Courtesy)" next to its name, please use the contact info that appears on the pets profile you've read. Courtesy pets are with other rescues or families, but we're helping spread the word. Sometimes we assist the owner in reviewing applications for the pet they are trying to rehome.
    • If you'd like to become a foster home, please use the application(s) for the program(s) that interests you (use our application link - upper left of this page). OPIN foster homes take in pets from our organization, providing them with a more engaging home environment instead of being kept at a boarding facility,until they find their forever homes. SafePet Domestic Violence foster homes take in family pets of domestic violence victims on a short-term basis, usually during a transition period of no longer than 60 days maximum.