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Please note, we are mainly active in national rescue for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed, so if you are interested in that breed, please click here... Cavalier Rescue USA ...to go to the national website. Thank you!

Avon Adoptions is a small non-profit group that works to save the lives of great dogs who are in clear danger of being euthanized if they remain in their present situation. If space permits, we also take in dogs whose owners can no longer keep them. Priority is given to dogs coming from pounds and shelters. While we occasionally have puppies, our focus tends to be on adult dogs. Because we are a small rescue, we limit the number of dogs with whom we work. Dogs are fostered as family members in our home, which allows us to assess their personalities, complete medical care, and begin basic training. We do not keep foster dogs in a kennel or shelter type situation, so we only invite families in to meet a dog after they have been pre-screened and determined to potentially be the best match for the pup available. If you are interested in a dog we are currently fostering, please read about "Our Adoption Process" below and then follow the instructions noted for the particular dog. We welcome all inquires, but in placing dogs and pups, we give strong preference to qualified local families and individuals (those who live within a 2-3 hour drive of where the dog is being fostered).

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Our adoption process normally includes an online information form, a telephone interview, vet reference checks, a visit with the dog here, a home visit, and post-adoption follow-up. All dogs will receive veterinary care appropriate for their age and condition (including vaccinations, heartworm screening, spay/neuter and treatment of medical conditions). We ask that adopters contribute a $200-$500 tax deductible donation, depending on the age and health of the rescued dog and the costs of the vet work of the dog.

Adoption requirements vary because each dog has individual needs that we seek to meet (i.e. some dogs love other dogs, some don't; some need a fence, some don't; some are fine left alone during the day, others are not; and so on). Our goal is to match good dogs up with individuals and families who can provide them with a loving home and a wonderful life.

Please note that we rarely adopt small dogs to families with very young children as young children often view small pets as toys and can be overly rough, resulting in either an excessively shy dog or one who is snappy.

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