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Adopting A Friend

Adopting an animal is a big responsibility and a life-changing decision. It is a difficult, yet rewarding task to find a suitable match between a potential adopter and the right pet. Are you ready to adopt?

Below are some things you will be asked and may want to consider before adopting:

·     Dogs and cats often live longer than 15 years. Are you ready to take on this responsibility?

·     Are you familiar with animal control regulations in your area?

·     Do you or does anyone in your family have allergies?

·     Do you plan to place personal identification on your new pet?

·     Are you familiar with the inoculations and veterinary care your new pet will require?

·     Are you planning to move in the near future?

·     Which member of your household will be primarily responsible for feeding your new pet?

·     How many hours per day will your new pet be left alone?

It may take some time for your new pet to adjust to its new environment. If you have questions or concerns after adopting, please contact us at 303-278-7575.

There are a few things you should know when adopting an animal from Foothills Animal Shelter:

·     In an effort to help reduce pet overpopulation, all animals are spayed or neutered before being adopted.

·     In an effort to help facilitate pets being returned to their homes in the event they are lost, all cats and dogs are microchipped before being adopted.

·     We recommend you bring all family members and other household pets to the Shelter to become acquainted with the animal before you consider adopting.

·     Shelter staff have the discretion to accept or deny your application based on the information you have supplied in the application.

Be sure to read the additional conditions of adoption listed on the animal adoption agreement.

Thank you for considering adopting a homeless pet. You will be making a difference in the life of an animal in need!


Who We Are

Foothills Animal Shelter is an open-admissions facility, which means we never turn away an animal. We care for 9,000 orphaned cats, kittens, dogs, puppies and critters every year with a compassionate team of staff and volunteers. We are a true community resource and offer a variety of services including pet adoption, Jefferson County pet licensing, affordable spaying and neutering, vaccinations, microchipping and lost and found pets. We are committed to our important mission and the life-saving work that we do every day of the year.  


Check out www.FoothillsAnimalShelter.org for more information. 

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