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Our Adoptable Pet List

Established in 1982, Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue is a non-profit, no-kill cat shelter located in Denver, Colorado. Our staff and volunteers care for approximately 185 homeless, abandoned, abused, and neglected cats and kittens. RMFR receives no government funding and is dependent upon donations from the community and the proceeds from fundraising events.

The shelter is located in an industrial area, less than five miles from Downtown Denver. RMFR originally began in a garage, then relocated to its present location where it has existed for about 22 years.

In our shelter, felines of all ages - most of which need homes - enjoy cozy nooks and soft beds, lots of toys, warm sunlight, good meals and special attention. In total, we have 6 rooms of adoptable felines, a large cat-safe outdoor yard for adult cats who wish to spend time outdoors, a small outdoor pen for the cats in the Shy Room, and a stimulating, fun indoor environment with a protected outdoor pen for our cats that have tested positive for FIV and FeLV.

Mission Statement: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue is a no-kill cat rescue dedicated to:
Sheltering and caring for abandoned, abused, and unwanted cats and kittens until permanent homes can be found;
Encouraging responsible pet ownership;
Educating the public through community outreach; and
Providing trap, neuter and release and spay/neuter information and resources.

If you are looking for a new furry family member, we welcome you to bring the family or household members to visit our furrkids and find the purrfect one for you!

Hours of Operation:
Monday & Tuesday 12-4, Wednesday Closed, Thursday & Friday 12-4, Saturday & Sunday 12-5

What your Adoption Fee Covers:
FIV, FeLV, and Heartworm test
FVRCP and FeLV vaccine and booster
Spay or Neuter
A cardboard carrier if you did not bring your own
Starter collar with an exclusive RMFR ID tag

We also offer MICROCHIPPING for the low price of $30.00 per pet. By having your pet microchipped, you may be saving his/her life in the event he or she gets lost!

To facilitate a quicker adoption process, please bring with you:
• All members of your household, excluding pets.
• A photo ID (Colorado) that shows you are over 18 years of age and current proof of address such as a utility bill.
• Proof that your current cats have had an FVRCP vaccine within the last year and proof that all animals in the household are spayed or neutered. We also require the name of the veterinary hospital/clinic and the phone number for verification if proof of vaccination and spay/neuter cannot be provided.
• Your lease with pet policy included if you are renting, and the phone number of your landlord. Please note that if you are required to pay a pet deposit/fee/rent, you must provide a receipt of payment before we can release the cat to you.
• If you own your own home we will verify online that it is, in fact, owned by you.

The Adoption Process:
• Complete the Adoption Application: The adoption application may be printed out from our website, completed, and brought in with you when you are ready to adopt, or can be filled out at the shelter.
• A Tour of the Facility: We will guide you through the shelter and show you the rooms where the adoptable cats are and answer any questions you might have.
• Meet and Greet cats that would be a good fit: If you have a good idea of the perfect cat for you, we will point out some potential matches. If you are interested in certain individuals you have seen online, we will help you locate them and answer any questions you might have.

A quick guide to our color code system:
Red collared cats are our long-term residents. With serious issues such as biting, it is unlikely an appropriate home will be found for them. Yellow collared cats might be hard to adopt because they have issues such as urine marking or litter pan aversion. Green collared cats are our most adoptable felines. They are ready to find a new lifelong home! Pink collared cats are cats that have been declawed. Lavender collared cats are cats that will need ongoing medical treatment after adoption. RMFR will work with the adopters of these cats to make sure the cat is taken care of medically. In John's Room, many friendly, wonderful cats live out their lives while waiting for another home. The Blue collar means the cat has Feline Leukemia and Violet collared cats have Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. No collar? Please ask! Some of our kitties know how to remove them, or they might be one of the few that are feral or unable to tolerate a collar.

• Spend Some Time with the cats/kittens: After the tour and your questions have been answered, relax and spend some time with the cats while we take care of the application process. Please understand that it takes more than a few minutes to decide if an individual cat is the right cat for you. When you are finished, come up to the office.
• Discuss verified application, what is needed, and if there are problems: If there are things that need to be done before we can adopt a cat to you, such as vaccinating your current cats or payment of a pet deposit, etc. we will let you know at this time.
• Discuss the cat(s) you have chosen: Not every cat is perfect for every household, and the one(s) you chose (or the individuals that choose you) might not be the best fit. Some of our cats have chronic health problems and must receive extra care, some will not tolerate children, are very shy, or have proven to not do well in certain circumstances. When a good fit is found, we move on to the final stages.
• Complete the Adoption Contract: The adoption contract will be filled out by an RMFR representative and is a legally binding item. Please read it carefully and agree with it in it’s entirety before signing.
• Discuss the cat’s medical record, booster shots, last questions, and what to do if the cat becomes ill within the 2 weeks or less after adoption.

What to do if the cat becomes ill within 2 weeks or less after adoption:
Please alert us to the problem ASAP! Call the shelter and make arrangements to have the cat seen by one of our vet techs or one of the clinics we use.

Returning the Cat or Kitten:
All RMFR cats and kittens have a permanent home here. If for any reason you have to rehome a cat you have adopted from Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, please make arrangements with the shelter for it's return or simply bring him or her back during business hours.

Come Visit Us!

Nearest major cross street: Broadway and Evans Directions: Take I-25 to Broadway. Get off on Broadway going south. Take Broadway past Evans. Look for Wesley on the right hand side. Turn west on Wesley and continue driving until you hit Delaware. We are on the right-hand side of the street.
Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue
2390 S. Delaware St.
Denver, CO 80223
Phone: (303)744-6076

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