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News is our very own Petfinder direct url. You will go directly to our Petfinder home page, then click on "our pet list" to see our available animals. Be sure to bookmark this and check our list of available dogs regularly as we have a steady flow of animals in need of great homes. All of our dogs get to be transferred to specific breed rescues Denver and the surrounding areas. We also post courtesy postings for families that cannot keep their pets. If you can't keep your pet, if you find a stray, or have lost your pet -- we will post their picture and information for free. Why? Simply because we love them.

Who We Are

Nelly's Spot is the creation of animal lovers and volunteers of Northeast Colorado and Boulder. We pull animals from local low economic rural pounds and transport them to higher populated areas so the dogs can have a better chance of getting adopted. Some of the animals are lucky enough to get into foster families (when available) with specific breed rescues to buy more time while searching for their forever home. We are really proud to be part of Petfinder.

Adopting a friend

Although we are approximately 2 hours East of Denver, if you are interested in one of the dogs you see on our site, be sure to email us to find out where the dog is being fostered and who to contact to go meet your new companion at a location more convenient for you.

Come Visit Us!

If detailed information about where the dog is going or when s/he will be transported please be patient as it could mean the coordinators have not completed the transport details. Thanks for looking and for your patience and inquiries.
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