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Individuals interested in adopting a Scottie from SRR should first contact us using either the notification process provided at the end of this informational material or by sending an email request to www.mackrail@mac.com. Please provide necessary contact information in your email i.e., telephone numbers and other contact information to facilitate responding to your inquiry.  A representative of SRR will contact you and explain in detail the adoption process requirements. SRR requires a completed adoption application and a home and yard evaluation. Those individuals seeking assistance or information about caring for their existing Scottie(s) should initiate contact using the same e-mail processes.

The following general information about the program is offered to assist in the application process.

-- Adoption applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

-- Submission of an adoption application does not guarantee placement of a Scottie with any applicant. We reserve the right to deny any adoption application at our discretion.

-- Placement of adoptable Scotties is generally limited to a 100-mile radius of Denver, Colorado. On occasion, placements beyond that distance may be possible as conditions permit. SRR does not transport adoptable Scotties using commercial airline services.

 -- An adoption fee is required which varies based on the costs incurred in preparing a Scottie to join its new home. Importantly, SRR is a non-profit enterprise. It does not sell dogs nor operate to achieve a profit. 

-- All Scotties placed by SRR will have received a wellness examination from a licensed veterinarian, will have been neutered or spayed, have received  necessary vaccinations, will have been micro chipped and, have received  necessary veterinary care as determined by representatives of SRR. 

The Scottish Terrier is first and foremost a true terrier. Initially developed hundreds of years ago by the Scottish farmers and sheepherders to control vermin, they are often referred to as the “Diehard”. The Scottie possesses a strong-willed, independent personality. They tend to be territorial and while generally skeptical around strangers, they are most protective of their chosen individual or family members. If you are looking for a compliant, come whenever called, always obedient companion, then a Scottie most likely is not the breed for you.  Alternatively, if you are looking for an intelligent, independent, devoted companion, then you cannot find a better match.



Who We Are

Scottie Rescue of the Rockies LLC (SRR) was established to provide assistance to needy Scottish Terriers. Staffed with volunteers, SRR offers transitional foster care, behavioral evaluation, veterinary care and placement services to help rehome stray and abandoned Scottish Terriers.  We primarily serve the Colorado Front Range, but on occasion assist with rescue efforts in adjacent states. The primary goal of SRR is to find responsible, caring, long-term permanent homes for needy Scottish Terriers. We also offer assistance to Scottie owners experiencing difficulty in continuing to provide a proper home for their Scotties as well as to owners experiencing behavioral or personality challenges with their Scotties.  In situations where the need exists, we can refer individuals requesting assistance to other programs in the area.



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