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We are now a Colorado PACFA licensed sanctuary!

Adopting A Friend

Grand Valley Pit Crew has a number of dogs available for adoption. We do not offer dogs less than 1 year of age.  If you are interested in one of our dogs, please email us. Please include your name, city in which you live and a good contact email and phone number.

ABSOLUTELY NO SCAMMERS OR SOLICITORS! If your email sounds like it could be scamming it WILL NOT BE ANSWERED! If your email is bad spelling, broken English and you clearly haven't read the description for the dog you are inquiring about, IT WILL NOT BE ANSWERED!

Sorry, no adoptions outside of Colorado. We prefer to adopt our dogs no further than 100 miles from Loma, CO. You will need to enlist the assistance of a rescue in your area to be considered for one of our dogs if you live further than 100 miles from our location. This is to aid us in the approval process.

Our dogs are all spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Adoption application, contract and home visit required.
Adoption fee: $125.

Do not contact us looking for dogs you can breed.

We are not accepting owner relinquishments at this time.

Who We Are

Grand Valley Pit Crew is a private, independent bully breed sanctuary, education and advocacy organization for pet owners as well as other shelter/rescue organizations. The dogs we have available for adoption are dogs that have been abused and neglected or they are dogs that have been transferred to us from other shelters because they need some extra attention in order to become a great pet.

If you need to rehome a dog, we highly recommend that you figure out how to keep your dog. There are few options for them as rescues and shelters are so full. A pit bull has little chance of leaving a shelter alive.
If you are having behaviorial problems, we can help with some minor issues but please get the help of a trainer in your area.
If you do relinquish your dog to a shelter, DO NOT tell them anything negative about your dog or they are likely to schedule the dog for immediate euthanasia. Give your dog a chance to go through the shelter's temperament test to determine if it meets adoption requirements.

We provide resources and educational information to pet owners who need some extra help with a pet.

Grand Valley Pet Food Pantry provides emergency pet food assistance for those pet owners who can't make it to their next paycheck. Mesa County, CO residents only! We have dog food available most of the time but supply is dependent on our donor.

Come Visit Us

Grand Valley Pit Crew is located in beautiful western Colorado. We prefer to keep our location private as we are home based. Visitation with our dogs is by appointment only.

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