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All rescued Vizslas in our care are provided medical care including spay/neuter, heartworm tested, and microchipping. We are a volunteer fostering/evaluation network and do not have a physical shelter location. Once the Vizsla is ready to be adopted, we thoroughly examine the adoption applications from prospective families to find as perfect a match as possible.



Please visit our website at www.2ndchancevizslarescue.org to fill out an adoption application. 

Who We Are

2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue, Inc. (2CVR) is an active nonprofit Vizsla rescue organization based in Colorado and serving the neighboring states of WY, NE and NM. Our main goal is to match Vizslas in need of a forever home with loving families. We are dedicated to providing rehabilitation and foster care for abandoned or abused purebred Vizslas or Vizsla mixes; to educate the community in regards to responsible dog ownership, including the spay/neuter of companion animals; assisting shelters by promoting awareness and working with shelter managers/directors in our areas, and accepting shelter dogs as quickly as possible. As necessary, we offer support to humane shelters that handle stray or surrendered Vizslas due to natural disasters.


Our funding is based primarily on personal donations, adoption donations, and participation in local fund raising projects and internet options. You can visit us on our website at www.2ndchancevizslarescue.org for more information and to fill out an adoption application.


Our motto is “To provide a safe home for the Vizsla in need, one dog at a time until there are none left to save!” Our goal is to protect the abused and abandoned Vizsla from suffering.  




Come Visit Us

Please visit our website at www.2ndchancevizslarescue.org for more information and to fill out an adoption application.


We are currently in need of foster homes. If you are interested please contact Rita via e-mail at spunki_61981@yahoo.com.


Please note, our website is under construction, but is able to accept your adoption application. We apologize the the "mess", but the results will be worth the wait.




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