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Kitty Kindergarten with Happy Cats!

Kittens are lovable, fun and easy to care for, right?

Not always! You can turn your sweet, purring baby into a frightened scaredy-cat with just a few wrong moves in a matter of weeks. The clock is ticking because their best learning time is under 5 months old.

How often have you heard people say these things about raising kittens?

  •     Kittens should be adopted alone and as young as possible so they’ll bond with their humans.
  •     New kittens can go right into the middle of your household…they’ll adapt to all noise and activity.
  •     If kittens do something wrong, they’re being spiteful and must be punished.

These are all MYTHS that can harm your kitten! In one fun session, we bust these myths and offer 12 TRUTHS to help you raise your kitten to be a happy, loving, lifelong cat companion.

Kittens 5 months and under are the most open to learning. Kitty Kindergarten can show you, your family and your kitten the skills you need to avoid problems later.

Your kitten will learn:

  • How to be a social butterfly instead of a scaredy cat
  • How to enjoy petting & handling for trim nails & beautiful fur
  • How to enjoy a lifetime of play so you don’t have a bored, fat cat
  • How to always go inside the box
  • How to scratch where you want to keep you & your furniture happy

You & your family will learn:

  • What your kitten is trying to tell you
  • How to make visits to the vet fun instead of fearful
  • How to have a more lovable cat with play, training & tricks
  • How to help your kitten stay healthy & happy its whole life

WHO: Healthy kittens 5 months & under with proof of vaccination…& their families
OR new adopters without kittens (we can loan you one :) )

WHEN: Sundays throughout the Spring & Summer

WHERE: Happy Cats Haven

1412 S. 21st Street

Colorado Springs

FREE:…to Happy Cats & HSPPR adopters
OR suggested donation of $20 for all others

Please contact us for specific dates and to sign up at 719-635-5000!

Adopting A Friend

All potential cat adopters should complete the Adoption Application and an interview with an Adoption Coordinator before meeting our cats and kittens. We use the Adoption Application and interview to help us make the best match possible. This may include review by the Adoption Committee based on our policies, below.

After reviewing the Application and completing the interview, we may recommend a different cat or kitten that is more suitable to your household. We want to make both our adoptable pets AND our adopting families as happy as possible, so we may recommend another cat besides the one you may have picked out online. But don’t worry! We will help you find a cat or kitten that best matches what you are looking for so that you and your new furry companion can have a happily ever after!

Happy Cats Haven is a privately run, non-profit organization and reserves the right to refuse any adoption that is not in the best interest of the cat or kitten, based on our principles and policies:

  1. DECLAWING: Please see our fact sheet on declawing to make the best decision for both you and your furry friend. There are other very viable alternatives.

    In support of happy, healthy cats, we do not place one of our cats or kittens with someone who plans to declaw them. We make every effort to observe what type of scratchers they prefer for the best chance of continuing that use at your home. We believe declawing can lead to other problems like inappropriate litter box use and health issues, ultimately damaging your cat–and your home–far more. Please see our declawing fact sheet on declawing to make the best decision for both you, your furry friend and your furniture. There are other very viable alternatives. If you feel you have no choice but to declaw your cat, we request you return him or her to us for a full refund so we can find a more appropriate home.

  2. INDOOR/OUTDOOR: We do not place one of our cats or kittens to someone who has plans to let them live outdoors. Adopters must agree to keep the cats or kittens primarily as an indoor cat. We will be happy to provide information on how to train a cat or kitten to use a halter and leash, if you’d like to take the cat outdoors. We also suggest making simple outdoor enclosures for your cat and can provide resources for that. The one exception to this policy will be when placing a barn cat.
  3. LONG DISTANCE ADOPTIONS: We do not place cats or kittens into a home that would require a travel distance of more than 4 hours drive by car or bus, and absolutely not into a home requiring transportation by plane or train.
  4. KITTENS IN PAIRS: For kittens at or under the age of 4 months, we give preference to adopters who will adopt them in pairs unless you already have a young, compatible cat or possibly a dog at home, or if the guardian(s) is home for the summer, works from home or is retired.
  5. KITTENS & CHILDREN: We recommend an older kitten (at least 4 months) or an adult cat for children under approximately 6 years of age. The appropriate age will further depend on the personality and the needs of the kitten. Younger kittens are more fragile and can be accidentally injured by a small child. Also, young kittens have not learned yet to retract their claws and may accidentally injure a small child.
  6. POPULAR CAT POLICY: In the event that there are many people interested in adopting a specific cat/kitten, the names of applicants who have been qualified by the Adoption Committee will be entered into a random drawing. Using a drawing in this situation provides all qualified adopters an equal opportunity to adopt the cat/kitten of their choice.
  7. TENANT AGREEMENTS: If you rent your home, you must provide a copy of the pet agreement clause of your rental lease and permission from your landlord PRIOR TO adopting any cat or kitten from our shelter.
  8. HOLDS: Provided the adoption application is approved, a hold of $50 may be placed on a cat or kitten while an adoption decision is being made. This hold will be released in 7 days and is transferrable – but not refundable.


Adopting a cat or kitten is a 15-20 year commitment. Following these policies helps us make the best decisions both for our cats and kittens and for their adoptive families.

Who We Are

Welcome to Happy Cats Haven! We are a non-profit rescue and adoption center for homeless cats and kittens in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado Springs. We are a Feline Friendly Shelter and guarantee safe haven for all cats we take in.

We believe that cats are valuable, lovable and trainable, not disposable. Feline Friendly means we treat our cats as individuals–with respect, compassion and positive reinforcement–to make their stay as stress-free as possible until they are adopted. We give both our cats and our adopters the gift of time, so everyone can relax and show their true personalities. Each adoption matches our deep understanding of our cats with their new families, handcrafted for a feline lifetime.

The gift of time
Happy Cats Haven is the kind and gentle shelter where cats stay safely until they find their homes. Our cats come from all walks of life, stripped of everything they knew and loved. We give them time to recover from the trauma of losing their homes and time to show their true personalities to our loving staff and volunteers. Research shows that cats in unfamiliar environments can be so scared their behavior is the same as a completely unsocialized, feral cat. It can be several days, if not weeks, before their true personalities emerge.

Based on our Five Cat Wishes, we try to look at the world through their eyes, using play therapy and clicker play to help regain their confidence and rebuild their bonds with people. We take the time to get to know each of our cats and kittens, noting their personalities, petting, play and scratching preferences.

Happy Cat match
We house most of our cats in comfortable colonies where they can express natural cat behavior, based on the Five Freedoms. Since they live with other cats, we learn about those relationships too, matching them carefully so no one gets bullied. Cats often make good friends with other cats here, so we nurture those friendships and try to find homes where they can be adopted together. Knowing our cats helps you make your best possible match…with your family as well as any other pets in your home.

Hand crafted adoptions
Adopters receive the gift of time too, taking all the time needed to get to know our cats before you make a choice. Your best feline friend can be a 15-20 year commitment, so we want to make sure you have the right one. We support our adoptions with regular follow-ups to make sure everything is going smoothly. Plus, we offer ongoing support with classes, online advice and behavior referrals that continues long past adoption. We have placed almost 1,500 cats and kittens since we started and our adopters can testify to those happy placements.

Why choose Happy Cats?
We guarantee safe haven for all cats and kittens we take in. In animal shelter terminology, we are limited admission because we are not mandated to take in every cat. However, we rarely turn away cats for less adoptability, including orphan kittens, seniors, special & behavioral needs. We only euthanize those animals who are too ill to survive and those with serious behavior problems, which is known in common terminology as the no-kill philosophy. To date, we have never euthanized a cat for its behavior.

A Feline Friendly Shelter
More importantly, we back up our commitment to taking in cats and keeping them until they are adopted by being a Feline Friendly Shelter. We make every effort to recover every cat from the trauma of being abandoned. We are not a sanctuary, so our goal for every cat is to find him or her a suitable forever home. We do not resort to euthanizing for treatable illness, behavior or special needs. We use feline friendly handling, training and play to ensure that our cats are as adoptable as possible and do everything we can to make sure each cat stays adopted.
We turn away an average of 15 cats a week, so even though our cats and kittens are safe, there are always lines of cats waiting to come in who are not. Every cat or kitten you adopt from Happy Cats saves two: the one you take home and the one waiting on the other side of our door to come inside.

Cats are lovable not disposable
When you adopt a free cat or kitten, your expenses are just beginning. These include vaccinations and spaying or neutering, for starters. If your free kitten doesn’t get fixed, he or she will be contributing to the 10,000+ cats who go homeless every year in our area, condemned to freezing, starvation and making more kittens to also live short, desperate lives.
Our cats and kittens go home with most expenses already covered. Their adoption fees go toward paying for those expenses. We offer discounts but do not give away our cats or kittens. Research shows that people make irrational decisions when getting something for free. We are looking for adopters who know that a cat is a 15-20 year commitment. Making cats worth nothing perpetuates the notion that cats can be discarded if anything goes awry. We have great signing bonuses that come with our cats and kittens, making them fully ready to adopt.

At Happy Cats, we are committed to making life better for all cats. All our cats are spayed or neutered before adoption to help reduce our community’s feline overpopulation rates and stop the cycle of suffering. We also contribute to our area’s Trap-Neuter-Return activities with our TNRCare program. When funds are available, we assist our local Humane Society with TNR support, including surgeries, food and shelter for our outside cats. This is not our mission, but aids our mission by reducing the number of outside cats so more family pets can be saved. Every spayed or neutered cat prevents hundreds if not thousands of needless feline deaths in our region.

Thanks to our donors & volunteers
We are a non-profit organization, so it’s because of our loving donors and volunteers that we can give our cats—and our adopters—the precious gift of time to make that lifetime match. We wouldn’t be here without them…and neither would our cats and kittens!

We are a 501(c)3 organization, so every donation is fully tax-deductible. The volunteers and cats thank you!

Come Visit Us

We are located at 1412 S. 21st Street in Colorado Springs. Take Highway 24 West (exit 141 off I-25) and go to 21st Street. Turn south and go half a mile up the hill to the 21st Street Center and look for the Happy Cats sign.

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 12 to 4 p.m.
Thursday evenings, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Other hours by appointment…just give us a call at 719-635-5000.

Contact Happy Cats Haven


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